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Worrying about not having a ‘motherly’ instinct doesn’t make you a bad feminist

Jordan King urges us not to feel guilty for internalising the pressure to be 'natural' with children

Guest Blogger // 2 August 2017

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An open letter to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Gemma Croffie disagrees with the Nigerian writer's assumption that balancing childcare and work is the only way to self-fulfilment

Guest Blogger // 21 December 2016

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The surprising news that Shared Parental Leave is only for recent parents

Although many news outlets have reported that only 1% of men are taking up Shared Parental Leave, they fail to note that the majority of men haven't had children in the last year so are not eligible. Megan Stodel tries to make sense of things

Megan Stodel // 11 April 2016

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The cost of free childcare

The Conservatives launched their manifesto yesterday. If they win the election, the party pledges to give parents 30 hours of free childcare. It seems like a great woman friendly policy enabling them to work and have affordable childcare. But I disagree.

Shiha Kaur // 15 April 2015

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Where did the fathers go?

It is of course hilarious to think that the main reason people who have sex would want to prevent a pregnancy is that they aren't up for the health risks associated with it. As if the fact that, you know, there might be a baby at the end of it, a real person who would need care and love 24/7 for about another 18 years or so, isn't part of the equation.

Linnea Dunne // 1 September 2013

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Fatherhood is a feminist issue

Imagine a situation where a woman defies her husband to smuggle political dissidents out of the country, putting her own and his life at risk, but it doesn't even occur to her to ask him to share the household chores by doing a bit of washing up.

gailem // 23 August 2013

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Free state childcare more than affordable

Hidden away in the Money section of today’s Guardian is this article containing a tag line that all feminists should be shouting from the rooftops: The revenue generated by working...

Laura // 11 December 2011

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How could the government really support women?

The government’s rather feeble memo listing potential ways to win more female votes was leaked yesterday. Suggestions include banning all advertising aimed at children, front-loading child benefit so more is...

Laura // 14 September 2011

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Childcare costs hold us all back

The results of Save the Children’s survey into childcare costs have been making headlines today. They reveal that middle and lower income parents are being forced into debt by childcare...

Laura // 7 September 2011

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The “choice” that is everybody else’s business

A guest post from Katie Gardner about a tellingly old-fashioned question during a recent debate on a BBC TV programme. Why was the question ‘Should women stay at home with...

Guest Blogger // 24 August 2011

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Part-time Work and the Wage Gap

On 17 May, we reported on a Guardian article that highlighted the pay gap between weekly earnings (i.e the fact that women’s median income is 53% of the median income...

Holly Combe // 29 May 2005

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