Articles about 'cissexism'

A woman’s place is to speak out against transphobia

Josephine Tsui argues that an intersectional feminism that includes trans women will only strengthen the women's movement

Josephine Tsui // 5 February 2018

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A kinder, gentler Litchfield?

Sasha Garwood follows up on Dawn Kofie's recap of season two of Orange is the New Black, with the lowdown on the first episode of season three

Sasha Garwood // 16 June 2015

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“Protecting the life of my child”

D H Kelly has a look at Louis Theroux's recent documentary, focused on the experiences of transgender children and their parents, and considers whether the programmme does justice to their stories

D H Kelly // 26 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Silent T

Sarah challenges cis lesbian, gay and bisexual people to look at how they treat trans people, and to see the parallels that exist in LGB and T communities and the oppressions we face

Sarah Thomasin // 19 September 2013

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So when IS the right time to come out as trans?

Boldly Go considers the way trans* people are expected to present their gender and identity by a cissexist society, in light of the story of a trans girl being denied access to the girls' restroom at school in the US

Guest Blogger // 18 March 2013

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“Pull up your skirt to prove you’re a real woman”

This is a guest post by Elin Weiss & Hennie Weiss about the transphobic treatment experienced by Jenna Talackova following her participation in the recent Miss Universe Canada competition.

Guest Blogger // 12 April 2012

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Breaking the cis filter

When I was younger, I thought I was the 'opposite' binary gender to my assigned one and expressed myself accordingly. I was asked if I wanted to transition (in their words "have a sex change" when I was older. I replied no. Scornfully. Why would I do that? How would that even work? Such was the cis filter on my life that to me, at the age of thirteen with a lot of gender-related Feelings, trans people were the crossdresser in the charity shop in town and the 'tranny' comments people made when they saw me. I had no idea that these genitals did not make me my assigned gender, that there was a possibility of not being my assigned gender, that there was a whole world outside the binary.

JKBC // 31 March 2011

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A relatively short time ago, I decided to stop bothering 'presenting' as any gender because it was too much hard work. It was soon after that that I learned about feminism and anti-kyriarchism and became socially aware, noticing the biases rampant in the world around me. Feminism felt like a sphere that felt right, especially since dialogues about intersectionality are taking place. After that, it wasn't long before I found out that being outside of the gender binary of man/woman was possible.

JKBC // 2 March 2011

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Destiny Lauren murder trial and anti trans prejudice

The trial of the cis man Leon Fyle ended this week with his conviction for the murder of Destiny Lauren last November. Media coverage has been predictably and disappointingly sparse...

Helen G // 11 August 2010

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