Articles about 'civil partnership'

Equal civil partnerships are the fair and sensible way forward

We should welcome the Supreme Court's support for equal civil partnerships, but now the government should act, writes Amy Grant

Amy Grant // 8 July 2018

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Heterosexual civil partnerships are about privilege, not equality

The fight for mixed sex, heterosexual couples to have the right to a civil partnership overlooks and dismisses a history of LGBTQ+ struggles for equality, writes Hannah Westwater

Guest Blogger // 7 April 2017

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Maria Miller backs same-sex civil marriage

The current ban on same-sex marriage is discriminatory, says Laura, but the conservative obsession with marriage is outdated nonsense

Laura // 19 September 2012

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Why our partnership isn’t a marriage

It’s now just over three months until our Big Gay Wedding. Excuse me while I freak out for a minute. In fact, it’s not going to be very big (close...

Harri C. Weeks // 28 June 2011

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