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Stop sneering at Black Friday shoppers

Joanna Whitehead is critical of sensationalist media coverage that portrays the victims of austerity as 'vulgar' or 'lesser' for participating in Black Friday spending

Joanna Whitehead // 23 November 2017

Categories: Class, Culture and Media, Features, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

Grenfell Tower is about race and class

Grenfell Tower has become a symbol of systemic, institutional and structural inequality argues Joanna Whitehead

Joanna Whitehead // 22 June 2017

Categories: Blog

A kinder, gentler Litchfield?

Sasha Garwood follows up on Dawn Kofie's recap of season two of Orange is the New Black, with the lowdown on the first episode of season three

Sasha Garwood // 16 June 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Preview: Women Make Noise discussion

The music women make when left to their own devices is often sidelined. Julia Downes, editor of 2012’s Women Make Noise, previews an upcoming discussion in Sheffield on 16 October...

Holly Combe // 13 October 2014

Categories: Blog

Women talk about making noise

The music women make when left to their own devices is often sidelined. Julia Downes, editor of 2012's Women Make Noise, previews an upcoming discussion in Sheffield on 16 October about DIY feminist efforts to counter this

Julia Downes //

Categories: Books, Events, Music, Reviews

Call for television reviewers

Would you like to write TV reviews for The F-Word? Find out more here!

Holly Combe // 17 April 2013

Categories: Blog


Ciara O’Connor discusses the intersection of classism and sexism in the reaction to Tulisa’s sex tape. A sex tape of Tulisa Contostavlos, of X-Factor and N-Dubz fame, was leaked a...

Guest Blogger // 23 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Feminism: still excluding working class women?

Working class women talk to Pavan Amara about feeling excluded and patronised by a classist feminist movement where middle class voices are still dominating the debate

Pavan Amara // 7 March 2012

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Education, Family, Feminism, Language, Work and Play

Dear David Walliams

So, you swam the length of the river Thames to raise a million pounds for poor kids in Africa. What better way to be hailed a national hero? Congratulations. Sadly,...

Laura // 12 September 2011

Categories: Blog

Roseanne Barr on the challenges of making a hit sitcom

Roseanne was pretty radical for television. So, it was sad and disappointing to read Roseanne Barr opening the curtain and showing what it was really like to get the sitcom...

Jess McCabe // 17 May 2011

Categories: Blog

New feature: Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence, 30 years later

AJ Conroy looks back at what we can learn about the need to form ties with other women from Adrienne Rich’s famous essay What is wrong with feminism? Lately it...

Jess McCabe // 16 August 2010

Categories: Blog

The Feminist Case for Gossip Mags?

I’m sure we’ve all done it. We groan when we see yet another front-cover revelling in the cellulite, spots and general physical imperfections of the nation’s “favourite” celebrities. We righteously...

Holly Combe // 30 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Celebrity Big Brother Pantomime Continues

Celebrity Big Brother 2007 is still dominating the newstands. Personally, I’m still recovering from the disbelief at Gordon Brown glibly telling us, during the Shilpa vs Jade eviction, that “a...

Holly Combe // 4 February 2007

Categories: Blog

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