Articles about 'colonialism'

Theatre and Dance at the Edinburgh Fringe – part four

Our penultimate post of reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe covering Theatre and Dance

Various Authors // 16 August 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Skin lightening: looking deeper into the ugly face of the cosmetics industry

The ancient practice of skin whitening is globally accepted for women of all shades. In a contemporary twist, big brand cosmetic companies are cashing in with a racist message that reflects an enduring fascination with white skin

Suze // 22 January 2014

Categories: Blog

What being a Welsh speaker taught me about feminism

Elisa draws parallels between Welsh speakers' rejection of English language hegemony and feminists' rejection of other forms of hegemony

Elise Haf // 23 July 2013

Categories: Blog

My body is my home

Artist Shabnam Shabazi discusses the ideas of home, identity and exile explored in her new show, Body House

Guest Blogger // 23 October 2012

Categories: Blog

Enforced labour for the jubilee

The jubilee workfare scandal is symptomatic of everything that's wrong with Britain under the ConDem government.

Laura // 5 June 2012

Categories: Blog

Diane Abbott racism non-story

MP Diane Abbott has been forced to apologise for a tweet she sent yesterday during a discussion with journalist Bim Adewunmi about the use of the terms “the black community”...

Laura // 5 January 2012

Categories: Blog

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