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Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello and welcome to the weekly round-up and open thread! Below are some recent news stories that caught the attention of The F Word Collective this week (linking does not imply endorsement or agreement). Please note that these links range from "ooh yay!" to "very interesting" to *headdesk, to rage-enducing, and some articles may be triggering. Want to discuss these topics or add your own? Please comment below!

Chella Quint // 24 June 2014

Categories: Blog

Dublin improv tonight!

In our first review of the year, Jessamyn Fairfield recommends Tumbleweed's longform improv. Luckily for you if you're in Dublin, Tumbleweed are putting a show on tonight, upstairs in the Wellington Pub, on Baggot Street in Dublin, with doors opening at 8:30 pm

Chella Quint // 9 January 2014

Categories: Blog

There’s a rich improv scene brewing in Dublin

There's a rich improv scene brewing in Dublin, with many excellent troupes putting on regular performances in theatres, pubs, and coffee shops around town. Jessamyn Fairfield recommends Tumbleweed

Jessamyn Fairfield //

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Is Monogamy Dead?

While reviewing Rosie Wilby's new comedy, I got to chat to her about what it's been like creating the show, and hear some behind-the-scenes revelations.

Chella Quint // 8 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Rosie Wilby: Is Monogamy Dead?

Rosie Wilby asks an interesting question in Is Monogamy Dead? Chella Quint attends this cheeky and enjoyable new show and tries to work out the answer

Chella Quint //

Categories: Comedy

Women on panels: where are we?

"Action needs to be taken to come to a point of critical mass where there are enough women in a particular sphere, whether in industry, media or in entertainment, so that others can envisage themselves in similar roles"

Guest Blogger // 5 October 2013

Categories: Blog

The UK’s First Women in Comedy Festival Starts Tonight!

The UK's first ever Women in Comedy Festival launches tonight! Check out the festival guide for links and ticket information for all of the shows. Spread the word

Chella Quint // 1 October 2013

Categories: Blog

Mini reviews and F-Word comedy announcement!

Chella Quint launches the F-Word comedy section with a rundown on the shows at the Edinburgh Fringe that she chose to spend her time seeing. This is the official opening,...

Holly Combe // 20 August 2013

Categories: Blog

F-Word comedy section: official opening!

Hello! Welcome (properly) to The F Word comedy section. We now have a Twitter account: @fwordcomedy and are building up a pool of reviewers. If you'd like to be a reviewer, get in touch! Details are at the bottom of this post

Chella Quint //

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Kate Fox: live and in print

Sam Parker finds a strong role model on the spoken word scene in the captivating, funny and warm Kate Fox

Sam Parker // 5 August 2013

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Bridget Christie: A Bic for Her

Bridget Christie is haphazardly and anxiously endearing but with an unrefined, genuine and powerful message. Alicia Rodriguez thinks she's funny as hell

Alicia Rodriguez //

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Funny as Frock!

Promoters of nights with mixed-gender bills can learn a lot from What The Frock! Comedian Charlie Sanders reports from the front

Charlie Sanders //

Categories: Comedy

Rosie Wilby talks about her comedy show featuring fanzines, the ’90s and feminism

Hello! I’m very excited because this is the first blog post telling you all about the first review in the new comedy section! Check out a great review of Rosie...

Chella Quint // 30 June 2013

Categories: Blog

Rosie Wilby: Nineties Woman

Who cares what a bunch of queer feminist students did in the nineties? Thanks to Rosie Wilby, Stephanie Chan does

Stephanie Chan // 28 June 2013

Categories: Comedy

The ‘bridezilla’ television trope and the traditional wedding norm

Marriage equality might be on the way but it seems the fripperies and rituals of the traditional wedding are still coveted as the superior choice. Olivia Rudgard looks at the role of the TV show 'Bridezilla' in all this and asks, what about wedding equality?

Guest Blogger // 18 April 2013

Categories: Blog

Welcome to our new comedy and TV editors

I am really pleased to introduce Chella Quint, who is The F-Word’s first ever comedy editor. Here is a little bit about her: Chella Quint is a comedy writer and...

Jess McCabe // 9 April 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: Gayby

The ideas about what makes a family and how children enter it have been challenged for years now, and from different positions. Same-sex unions have been made legal in many...

Ania Ostrowska // 10 March 2013

Categories: Blog

This gayby is just for laughs

Megan Stodel laughs out loud at this film about an unconventional parenting arrangement but misses a more serious engagement with the subject

Megan Stodel //

Categories: Films, Reviews

Beat the winter blues with London Comedy Film Festival 24-27 January (plus COMPETITION!)

While it remains contested exactly which week of the year is the most miserable one, a non-for-profit foundation LOCO will definitely brighten up the next week for Londoners. London Comedy...

Ania Ostrowska // 16 January 2013

Categories: Blog

The big fat issue of the year

Kathi Elizabeth says the real issue with the Big Fat Quiz of the Year was its failure to include any female comics, not Jack Whitehall's joke about the Queen

Guest Blogger // 5 January 2013

Categories: Blog

Why The F-Word needs a comedy editor

Sexism proliferates in comedy. Female comedians aren't given enough attention, and male comedians relying on tired stereotypes make a killing, explains Megan Stodel. The F-Word plans to do something about it

Megan Stodel // 19 November 2012

Categories: Culture and Media

Comedy and games editors – WANTED

Take hold of the opportunity to transform our comedy or games coverage, apply to become one of The F-Word's new section editors.

Jess McCabe //

Categories: Blog

What The Frock! 3 – four more fantastic comedians

Information about this week's What The Frock! 3 comedy event in Bristol.

Helen G // 12 September 2012

Categories: Blog

Making fun of violence and rape: Wumo disrespects women

Elin Weiss and Hennie Weiss expose the misogyny in popular Danish comic strip Wumo

Guest Blogger // 28 August 2012

Categories: Blog

Calling out disablist language

Laura highlights what's wrong with some of the most frequently-used disablist language, and suggests ways to avoid using it.

Laura // 1 May 2012

Categories: Blog

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