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A new twist on some old standards

Nick Beard cooks and bakes her way through 2015 Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain’s first cookbook Nadiya’s Kitchen and finds herself asking some thought-provoking questions along the way

Nick Beard // 18 July 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

Women in food – not just clean eating gurus

Leonie Sooke argues that women get short shrift when it comes to recognition of their professional culinary skills and are often unfairly consigned to the ‘Clean Eating’ sector

Leonie Sooke // 4 November 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Features

No, feminism did not ‘kill’ the art of home cooking

To answer the Daily Mail’s facetious question, no, feminism did not kill the art of home cooking. Nor did feminists cause “an epidemic of childhood obesity”, as Rose Prince argues,...

Jess McCabe // 21 September 2010

Categories: Blog

Now that Sophie Dahl is out of our kitchen, who will be the next female TV chef?

For the few people who care, Sophie Dahl will not be returning to our television sets to teach us how to make an eggs Benedict that’s saucy in more ways...

Alicia // 20 May 2010

Categories: Blog

Crap Word of the Week: Gastrosexual

We’ve seen the so-called metrosexuals and ubersexuals (courtesy of the trend experts) and now we have the food company PurAsia commissioning a report on the apparent “Emergence of the Gastrosexual.”...

Holly Combe // 25 July 2008

Categories: Blog

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