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From public services to public women: a morality tale for the age of austerity

The tabloids' moral stand against the use of NHS funds for cosmetic surgery is only part of their constant attack on the 'undeserving' and public services, argues Alexandra M. Kokoli

Alexandra M Kokoli // 7 April 2014

Categories: Body and Health, Class, Culture and Media, Features

Weekly round-up and open thread, 10th February 2014

Philippa links to topics we weren't able to cover this week including fat shaming, the privacy of NHS health records, legal gender recognition, Woody Allen, women in politics, vagina art in schools, the rainbow Google doodle and more

Philippa Willitts // 10 February 2014

Categories: Blog

Campaign to ban cosmetic surgery advertising

UK Feminista launches a new campaign, arguing that the rules preventing the advertising of prescription medicines should also apply to cosmetic surgery.

Laura // 15 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Love It!: my bargain boob-job shame!

A guest post by Michelle Williams and AJ McKenna about a magazine which is running a competition to win breast enlargement surgery.

Guest Blogger // 8 October 2011

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From body hatred to vulva diversity

The Independent today reports that there has been a five-fold increase in NHS genital cosmetic surgery over the past decade, with more than 2000 women undergoing a procedure in the...

Laura // 24 August 2011

Categories: Blog

You look fine. You really do. All of you.

Philippa talks about 'designer vagina' cosmetic surgery, and the societal pressures that push women into having cosmetic surgery at all.

Philippa Willitts // 6 July 2010

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