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Challenging austerity

While George Osborne warns of cuts ahead, Megan Stodel draws attention to the UN's recent conclusion that the UK's austerity agenda is breaching human rights obligations

Megan Stodel // 29 June 2016

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The next steps

The UK is going to leave the EU; Megan Stodel thinks we need to start acting now to ensure rights and individuals are protected

Megan Stodel // 25 June 2016

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Marching against austerity with the Feminist Bloc

Jade Moulds blogs about her experiences protesting with other women against the cuts to services and support, and why feminists need to get involved in opposing planned cuts that will leave many women more vulnerable.

Guest Blogger // 2 August 2015

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Broken Rainbow Helpline loses funding

The Broken Rainbow Helpline which provides support for LGBT victims of domestic abuse has lost its government funding and may be forced to close. D H Kelly explores why lesbian, bisexual and trans* women who are abused might struggle to get support

D H Kelly // 18 January 2015

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Assistance to live, not assistance to die

Laura highlights some of the arguments against Lord Falconer's assisted dying bill, from the perspective of disabled people

Laura // 18 July 2014

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Justice: the preserve of the rich?

Ellen Robertson discusses the impact of the government's cuts and changes to legal aid and explains what we can do to fight them

Guest Blogger // 1 June 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 1 April 2013

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Why you should care about the bedroom tax

Hilary Wardle explains why the bedroom tax, which comes into force today, is nothing more than an attack on poor people, designed to further demonise benefit claimants

Guest Blogger //

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Fight the bedroom tax

Laura explains why we should all be protesting against the bedroom tax on Saturday 16 March

Laura // 15 March 2013

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Get an imaginary job with your imaginary wheelchair and your imaginary leg #esaSOS

Philippa describes how the latest changes to how disabled people are assessed will remove even more people who are unable to work from financial stability

Philippa Willitts // 17 January 2013

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Laura argues that an intersectional approach to activism and respect for other women are essential to solidarity in the face of government attacks on women

Laura // 10 January 2013

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The Conservatives and women: new blog series

Yesterday ConservativeHome launched a week-long series on ‘the Conservatives and women’, just ahead of today’s second reading on the Welfare Benefits Up-rating Bill which has now capped annual benefits increases...

zohra // 8 January 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura //

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Whose month is it anyway?

Penny Pepper discusses the barriers she has faced as a disabled writer, as part of UK Disability History Month

Guest Blogger // 25 November 2012

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A patronising smile and a cup of coffee

Guest blogger Lisa Ansell writes about UKUncut's campaign to create women's refuges in Starbucks. She is not pleased.

Guest Blogger // 22 November 2012

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George Osborne vs. single mums

Diane Cawsey on why George Osborne must stop attacking single mums

Guest Blogger // 19 October 2012

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Weekly round-up and open thread: 30 July 2012

A round up of items we didn't have time to blog this week

Laura // 30 July 2012

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A Room of One’s Own

Millie Kidson explains why housing benefit is so important for women, in response to David Cameron's suggestion that it be denied to under-25s

Guest Blogger // 17 July 2012

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Lambeth Women’s Project: a plea

Yula Burin issues a call to arms to protect both this vital women's project and other grassroots community organisations.

Guest Blogger // 10 June 2012

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“What if I take my problem to the United Nations?” UK Government’s record on human rights up for review

Charlotte Gage is a Policy Officer at the Women’s Resource Centre. She is working with a coalition of women’s and human rights organisations to raise the issues affecting women in...

Guest Blogger // 23 May 2012

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Weekly round-up and open thread

Time for our weekly round-up of links and an open thread - feel free to add links to stuff we missed!

Laura // 2 April 2012

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Workfare: yet more contempt from the government of the wealthy

Public anger over the government's workfare schemes has kicked off this week following the widespread online circulation of adverts for "jobs" in Tesco paying only travel expenses and JSA. Laura argues that feminists need to join the fight.

Laura // 23 February 2012

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Go Feminist

Conway Hall was once again crammed with feminists yesterday. People came from all over the country for Go Feminist. When the organisers wrote for The F-Word about this conference, a...

Jess McCabe // 5 February 2012

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Lords refuse to make single parents pay for use of CSA

The House of Lords last night voted against the government’s plans to charge single parents a fee to use the Child Support Agency to collect maintenance payments from absent partners....

Laura // 26 January 2012

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Why I’m an anarcha-feminist

Disclaimer: This article will discuss my personal feelings about anti-capitalism, anarcho-communism and their relationships with feminism (and other systems of oppression). Because of this, I will not be discussing the...

Natalie Dzerins // 24 January 2012

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