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Pelvic mesh scandal exposes misogyny in medicine

A worldwide medical scandal has not only left hundreds of thousands of women in pain but exposed how deeply entrenched misogyny is in medicine, writes Kate Harveston

Guest Blogger // 6 October 2017

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New feature: Honeymoon cystitis?

Cystitis is bad enough, says Hannah Fearn. But why are doctors so dismissive? “Yes, it’s just part of being a woman. Don’t worry: it’ll probably get better once you’ve had...

Jess McCabe // 17 August 2010

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New feature: What happens when you don’t like what the doctor orders?

Bryony Long talks through how she resisted the dubious directions of a doctor in A&E I recently had an adverse reaction to some antibiotics I was prescribed, which resulted in...

Jess McCabe // 1 May 2010

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