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New review: Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer

Pussy Riot, a feminist performance art collective with strong punk influence, was established in September 2011 in direct response to a change in the law allowing Putin to run for...

Ania Ostrowska // 2 July 2013

Categories: Blog

A pussy is a riot

Ania Ostrowska is inspired by the women of Pussy Riot as shown in a new documentary, but wonders whether the focus should have been broader

Ania Ostrowska //

Categories: Films, Reviews

Feminism on film @ Open City Docs Fest plus COMPETITION

Hot on the heels of Sheffield Doc/Fest that finished last Sunday, Open City Docs Fest is bringing an amazing selection of 132 documentaries to London. The festival will run from...

Ania Ostrowska // 18 June 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: Clare Balding’s Secrets of a Suffragette

Having been reminded of women such as Selina Cooper and Ada Nield Chew in Louise Whittle’s excellent piece on Monday, it has to be said that Clare Balding’s Secrets of...

Holly Combe // 6 June 2013

Categories: Blog

Emily Wilding Davison: 100 years on

Catherine Elms watches Clare Balding's Secrets of a Suffragette, a documentary looking at some of the history behind the movement and the events surrounding the death of one of its most well-known figures

Catherine Elms //

Categories: Reviews, Television

New review: Bad weather

Banishanta is a tiny island in the Bay of Bengal, some 300 feet long and 30 feet wide. The island is sinking due to tropical storms and a rising sea...

Ania Ostrowska // 12 May 2013

Categories: Blog

By water or by men

Chrissy D finds herself in the grip of the enigma of a documentary about the Bangladeshi "brothel island"

Chrissy //

Categories: Films, Reviews

Home Delivery: a mini review

Chrissy D has a look at ITV1's Home Delivery documentary and finds an exultant depiction of birth, despite the programme not going very far in its attempt to portray homebirth as anything other than something "other people" do

Guest Blogger // 19 April 2013

Categories: Blog

How far is one mile

Sophie Mayer interviews Penny Woolcock about making her last film that documents attempts at truce by members of two warring Birmingham postcode gangs

Sophie Mayer // 4 April 2013

Categories: Films, Reviews

Beautiful life of Alice Walker

Inspired by a biopic of Alice Walker, Huma Munshi reminds us we cannot deny race in feminist discourse

Huma Munshi // 30 March 2013

Categories: Events, Films, Reviews

A chance to see the documentary Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth

The much-anticipated documentary about Alice Walker is having its world premiere next month in London. The premiere has sold out, but a second showing has been added the same night,...

Jess McCabe // 23 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Hip Hop Hijabis: documentary on hip hop, Islam and women’s rights

Mette Reitzel is a Danish born London based documentary filmmaker working with Faction Films A recent UK parliamentary report revealed that some Muslim women are removing their headscarves and anglicising...

Guest Blogger // 19 February 2013

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New review: Hit So Hard: the life and near-death story of Patty Schemel

Hit So Hard: the life and near-death story of Patty Schemel is a 2011 documentary by P. David Ebersole that tells a story of Hole, one of the most exciting...

Ania Ostrowska // 4 December 2012

Categories: Blog

Hole story of Schemel not Love

Cazz Blase enjoys the documentary about Hole's drummer Patty Schemel that puts one of the most exciting bands of the 1990s firmly on the rock'n'roll map without losing intimate touch

Cazz Blase //

Categories: Films, Music, Reviews

Welcome to the world?

Chrissy D reviews a documentary about the impact of poverty on childbirth around the globe, presented by DocHouse as part of Why Poverty? series, and calls for maternal health to be taken more seriously everywhere

Chrissy // 17 November 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

“I’d rather sell my c*nt than my paintings”

Having caught two independent documentaries at the first ever London Chinese Independent Film Festival, M. Lý-Eliot considers women artists' position in China 20 years ago and today

M. Ly-Eliot // 16 October 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

How to wear a photograph

Elaine Castillo celebrates Sebastián Moreno's City of Photographers, a documentary that puts ethics and empathy back into photography

Elaine Castillo // 21 September 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

DocHouse RESISTENCIA: Focus on Latin America minifest (plus new review)

DocHouse is a year-round festival of weekly showcase documentary screenings in UK cinemas, bringing its audiences the best of international and UK documentary as well as masterclasses and education partnerships....

Ania Ostrowska //

Categories: Blog

A place of rage: two black feminist documentaries

Lola Okolosie from Black Feminists reviews A Place of Rage and Alice Walker: Beauty in Truth, two films by documentary filmmaker Pratibha Parmar, and considers what contemporary black feminists have learnt from the influential black women featured

Lola Okolosie // 21 April 2012

Categories: Films, Reviews

Miss Representation

Miss Representation is a documentary about the way the US media portrays women. It just premiered at Sundance, no word on when it might be released here. Looks interesting from...

Jess McCabe // 29 March 2011

Categories: Blog

Female boxers wanted for documentary

A documentary film-maker is looking for female boxers. She asks: Are you a professional or amateur female boxer? Do you coach female boxers? Do you want to have your say...

Jess McCabe // 28 March 2011

Categories: Blog

Q&A with Ken Wardrop

Katherine Wootton speaks with Ken Wardrop, the director of the creative documentary His & Hers. Read her review of the film here. What is the film about for you? Essentially...

Guest Blogger // 16 March 2011

Categories: Blog

New review: More to Mills and Boon than this

Guilty Pleasures chronicles three women’s relationships with the saucy book production line that is Mills and Boon. But, asks Mathilda Gregory, why did the documentary makers misrepresent the publishing empire...

Jess McCabe // 11 March 2011

Categories: Blog

More to Mills and Boon than this

Guilty Pleasures chronicles three women's relationships with the saucy book production line that is Mills and Boon. But, asks Mathilda Gregory, why did the documentary makers misrepresent the publishing empire by means of one, unrepresentative, male writer?

Mathilda Gregory //

Categories: Films

His & Hers

Interviews with 70 women tell the life story of white, Irish, heterosexual women, through their relationships with men. Katherine Wootton has more

Katherine Wootton // 3 March 2011

Categories: Films

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