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Silent suffering: when domestic violence and immigration status intersect

Immigrant women are at serious risk in the UK - Nathalie Greenfield considers how we can help

Nathalie Greenfield // 20 September 2017

Categories: Activism, Features, Violence

The secret lives of white middle class America

Nick Beard is impressed with the nuanced way in which Big Little Lies deals with domestic violence and the emotional aftermath of rape

Nick Beard // 24 May 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

A story that breaks the skin

Hannah Atkinson reviews Meena Kandasamy’s When I Hit You and finds it a heart-breaking and stunningly realistic portrayal of one woman’s experience of an abusive relationship

Hannah Atkinson // 22 May 2017

Categories: Books, Reviews

No-fault divorce: time for the UK to catch up?

Mercedes King-Jones thinks it's time for the law to recognise unhappiness in marriage as a reason to seek divorce

Guest Blogger // 19 May 2017

Categories: Blog

The illusion of neutrality

Although in an ideal world, we would be able to judge situations neutrally, our guest blogger Nicola explains how often judgements are biased in the favour of oppressors

Nicola // 7 July 2016

Categories: Blog

Believing Amber Heard is about believing all victims

Nobody wants to think ill of their heroes, but D H Kelly explains how defending famous men by attacking their accusers makes it harder for all victims to speak out

D H Kelly // 30 May 2016

Categories: Blog

A case of clashing intersections

Nick Beard watches The People v OJ Simpson and finds a nuanced portrayal with an appreciation of the deep societal prejudices informing and impacting on the case

Nick Beard // 20 April 2016

Categories: Reviews, Television

Stock photos fail survivors

Janey Stephenson argues that stock photos don’t just simplify violence against women, they fail survivors

Guest Blogger // 18 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Is domestic violence against men a feminist issue?

With domestic violence by women against men on the rise, Jane Chelliah argues that the harm done by gender roles and essentialising makes this a feminist issue

Jane Chelliah // 26 March 2016

Categories: Blog

Doctor Foster: an apologia for domestic violence?

The BBC TV series Doctor Foster has gripped viewers for five weeks. But it contains some disturbing take-home messages, writes Cath Murray

Cath Murray // 14 October 2015

Categories: Reviews, Television

Girls and the city

Ania Ostrowska recommends The Group, a cinematic grandmother of Sex and the City and its cousins

Ania Ostrowska // 6 April 2015

Categories: Films, Reviews

Broken Rainbow Helpline loses funding

The Broken Rainbow Helpline which provides support for LGBT victims of domestic abuse has lost its government funding and may be forced to close. D H Kelly explores why lesbian, bisexual and trans* women who are abused might struggle to get support

D H Kelly // 18 January 2015

Categories: Blog

Addressing the root cause of Rotherham

When crimes are committed that are based in patriarchy, it's the system and culture that needs to be addressed, writes guest blogger Mag the Blag

Mag the Blag // 31 August 2014

Categories: Blog

Resolution or prosecution: why we are still getting domestic violence so wrong

This morning I heard a news item on Radio 4. It featured a studio discussion/debate around the increase in community resolution as a way of resolving domestic abuse situations rather than prosecution. In typical 'Today' programme fashion, it was set up as a head to head with Yvette Cooper speaking against and a police officer speaking for the resolution method.

Isadora Vibes // 29 July 2014

Categories: Blog

Women abusers are part of the picture

D H Kelly looks beyond our traditional cultural model of male-on-female domestic violence and explores how sexism can enable women abusers

D H Kelly // 7 October 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 16 September 2013

Categories: Blog

Stop revenge porn

Ellie Hutchinson on a new Scottish campaign to tackle revenge porn - a form of domestic abuse - and the victim blaming that goes with it

Guest Blogger // 5 August 2013

Categories: Blog

Who decides what’s normal?

The groundbreaking new play My Normal Life is an impressive and eye-opening experience for Jane Duffus

Jane Duffus // 8 July 2013

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Romance, misogyny and near misses

Elisa examines the oppressive underpinnings of society's concept of romance, in the context of a past abusive relationship

Elise Haf // 2 July 2013

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 17 June 2013

Categories: Blog

Nigella, domestic violence and emotional manipulation

Nigella Lawson was apparently attacked in a restaurant by her husband, Charles Saatchi, yesterday. In light of this shocking event, Christie Louise Tucker considers the way in which abusers emotionally manipulate their victims

Guest Blogger //

Categories: Blog

Justice: the preserve of the rich?

Ellen Robertson discusses the impact of the government's cuts and changes to legal aid and explains what we can do to fight them

Guest Blogger // 1 June 2013

Categories: Blog

What have I done: escaping domestic violence

When Amanda Prowse set out to write a novel about an abusive marriage, she spoke to women who had experienced violent relationships. The number of women who came forward to talk to her confirms how widespread domestic violence is

Amanda Prowse // 22 April 2013

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships, Violence

Support Afghanistan’s human rights heroines

When you read about Afghan women, it's usually as victims. But there's another side to the story. Jawed Nader of the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group (BAAG) says Afghan human rights heroines are risking their lives to stand up for their rights - and they need international support

No Women No Peace // 18 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Women in Afghanistan: making promises a reality

Jen Wilkins, a volunteer with Amnesty UK, sets out what the UK government can do to help end violence against women in Afghanistan

No Women No Peace // 15 March 2013

Categories: Blog

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