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How to reach the goal of #nopredators in film industry?

Becky Kukla chats to Rebecca Long and Ian Davies about Boudica Films’ new campaign launched in the aftermath of Weinstein scandal

Becky Kukla // 21 November 2017

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

High heels and employers’ ‘freedom’ to impose

Holly Combe considers the possibility of employers being forced not to force women to wear high heels

Holly Combe // 11 August 2017

Categories: Blog

Working at Sports Direct

A sixth form student who works at Sports Direct reflects on her concerns about gendered tasks where she works in light of the news around its troubling working conditions for some employees

KS5 PolSoc // 9 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Why do women only make up 11% of the 2 million British construction industry workers?

Lekha Mohanlal wants to know why the UK construction industry boom hasn't attracted many women - are women really afraid to don their overalls, or is it more that they don't realise the opportunities are there?

Guest Blogger // 21 August 2015

Categories: Blog

The cost of free childcare

The Conservatives launched their manifesto yesterday. If they win the election, the party pledges to give parents 30 hours of free childcare. It seems like a great woman friendly policy enabling them to work and have affordable childcare. But I disagree.

Shiha Kaur // 15 April 2015

Categories: Blog

To freeze or not to freeze

Guest blogger Izzy Woods is concerned about businesses offering to freeze employees' eggs

Guest Blogger // 21 October 2014

Categories: Blog

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