Articles about 'everyday sexism'

How travelling alone will help you be a better feminist

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone can be a great help in unlearning internalised misogyny, writes Charlotte Wylie

Guest Blogger // 26 July 2017

Categories: Blog

Speaking out in the workplace

Rhianna Goozee is shocked that unchallenged harassment is still an issue for many women in their jobs

Rhianna Goozee // 10 March 2017

Categories: Features, Work and Play

Call it out and shout right back

Sarah Bronzite reviews Girl Up by writer and campaigner Laura Bates and hails it as the go-to support manual for every young woman in your life

Sarah Bronzite // 7 August 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

A letter to the man who called me a cunt at a Take That gig

Felicity Hannah describes her experience of harassment at a Take That gig with her disabled sister - and she's not taking it lying down. Here is her letter to the man who harassed her

Guest Blogger // 17 July 2015

Categories: Blog

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