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Does bubble tea taste better when it’s made by white people?

Josephine Tsui reflects on a recent trend in cultural appropriation

Josephine Tsui // 13 July 2017

Categories: Blog

How you can drive the change you want to see in advertising imagery

Heidy Rehman encourages us to click on and purchase from a diverse range of images of women

Guest Blogger // 14 June 2017

Categories: Blog

The image of being queer: how should we tackle heteronormativity?

Megan Wallace discusses the limitations of queer subcultures as presented in the media and beyond

Megan Wallace // 31 January 2017

Categories: Features

I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life

Motivated by Octieber and determined to combat the world of gendered clothing, Lucy Rycroft-Smith tries menswear for a month and documents her findings

Lucy Rycroft-Smith // 7 January 2017

Categories: Fashion and Image, Features

Is a model-free edition of Vogue simply window dressing?

It may seem a bold move, but Vogue’s seeming celebration of real women falls short of the truth, writes Sarah Jung

Guest Blogger // 9 November 2016

Categories: Blog

YSL: Fetishism is Eternal

Following the first UK exhibition of the work of Yves Saint Laurent, Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer examines the language used to describe the fashion designer and his work, and wonders whether this is all about making sales

Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer // 12 January 2016

Categories: Fashion and Image, Features, Uncategorized

Why I refuse to wear high heels

Kerry Flint points to a double standard in footwear

Guest Blogger // 26 August 2015

Categories: Blog

Is it too much to ask?

Alexandra Collinson asks why the media continues to sideline the careers and achievements of famous women in favour of their dresses and husbands

Guest Blogger // 31 July 2015

Categories: Blog

Dressing outside the box

Sara Upton writes about the parents and retailers dressing kids outside the "pink for girls and blue for boys" box, and why the "agender fashion" movement is becoming ever more popular.

Guest Blogger // 17 June 2015

Categories: Blog

How can we change the status of our nipples?

The "Free The Nipple" campaign seeks to change our culture's anxiety about women's nipples. D H Kelly asks whether this is possible and how we might go about it

D H Kelly // 13 April 2015

Categories: Blog

Happy in their colourful skin

From seedy parlours to political tattooing, we have come a long way. Alison Barton-Simmons speaks to women about their motivations for getting inked

Alison Barton-Simmons // 13 January 2015

Categories: Body and Health, Fashion and Image, Features

New review: Siouxsie and the Banshees

Eighteen years after their split, Siouxsie and the Banshees have re-released a quartet of their studio albums, spanning 1987 to 1995, in a remastered package. Cazz Blase listens and reflects....

Holly Combe // 4 November 2014

Categories: Blog

Four inches between friends

Tired of clothes that didn't fit them, D.T. Dragon discovered the joys of tailoring

D. T. Dragon // 30 September 2014

Categories: Blog

New review: The Culture Show

Stephanie Phillips enjoys rare footage on The Culture Show‘s Girls Will be Girls episode but is left wanting more than talk of fashion, women’s sex appeal and lingering concerns over...

Holly Combe // 6 July 2014

Categories: Blog

Girls: meet your punk foremothers

Stephanie Phillips enjoys rare footage on The Culture Show's Girls Will be Girls episode but is left wanting more than talk of fashion, women's sex appeal and lingering concerns over the survival of the female punk spirit

Stephanie Phillips //

Categories: Music, Reviews, Television

Pinterest and anti-blonde sentiment

J Whitehead explores the "dumb" blonde stereotype, which reared its head on some t-shirts she found on Pinterest

Joanna Whitehead // 21 May 2013

Categories: Blog

A coat of one’s own? Compulsory heterosexuality on the high street

Ellie Gore explores heterosexism and gender in high street fashion

Guest Blogger // 2 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Do H&M deserve a boycott?

A guest post by Elin Weiss & Hennie Weiss about the misrepresentation of women in the fashion industry.

Guest Blogger // 27 February 2012

Categories: Blog

You’ll catch your death in that

Hugely successful gaming giant World of Warcraft has introduced a new package that allows even more customisation of player's avatars: including choosing skimpier outfits for female characters. Teri Shelly wonders what it means if she wants her avatar to wear a plate bikini

Terri Shelly // 2 February 2012

Categories: Video Games

What colour is nude?

Elin Weiss has a master’s degree in women’s studies. Hennie Weiss is currently working on her master’s degree in sociology. Their interests include the sexualisation and representation of women in...

Guest Blogger // 3 January 2012

Categories: Blog

Teenagers exposed

15-year-old C. Robinson looks at the causes and ramifications of a culture where teenage girls are encouraged to bare all

C. Robinson // 3 June 2011

Categories: Fashion and Image

Fashion Fail: New face of Miu Miu is fourteen years old.

Italian fashion label Miu Miu have recently confirmed the ‘face’ of their Autumn/Winter collection: True Grit actress, the fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld. Fashion has never been feminism’s greatest ally, and aside from any arguments about its glorification of (often) unhealthily thin frames - what is perhaps more disturbing, is its heralding of adolescent girls as a sort of female physical perfection.

Lara Williams // 17 May 2011

Categories: Blog

New feature: Fashion and gender

Androgynous trends come and go, but high-street fashion remains for the most part strictly divided into womenswear and menswear. Lorraine Smith searches for an alternative No matter how much it...

Jess McCabe // 14 May 2011

Categories: Blog

Fashion and gender

Androgynous trends come and go, but high-street fashion remains for the most part strictly divided into womenswear and menswear. Lorraine Smith searches for an alternative

Lorraine Smith // 13 May 2011

Categories: Fashion and Image

Who are the Harajuku Girls?

NB: I changed one of the words in the final paragraph of this article. The details can be found in the comments. Harajuku is an area in the Shibuya ward...

Holly Combe // 4 June 2008

Categories: Blog

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