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Are fat people disabled?

The European Court of Human Justice has ruled that, in some circumstances, fat people will be able to use disability discrimination law to respond to discrimination. D H Kelly examines whether fat people can be described as disabled

D H Kelly // 19 December 2014

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It’s Kellogg’s who should be shamed, not women

Lorna Wilson on why the latest Special K advert is just more of the same capitalist shaming of women

Guest Blogger // 24 December 2013

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A battle I cannot win

Tara writes about the impact of fat shaming and discusses the intersection between feminism, fatness, diabetes and eating disorders

Tara // 27 July 2013

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Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 8 January 2013

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“Why does it hurt you if I don’t hate myself?”

Philippa shares a video of a woman responding to fat-hating trolls.

Philippa Willitts // 4 July 2012

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Shocked headline as fat disabled woman has fun

Philippa writes about the Daily Telegraph's sensationalised and humiliating coverage of a woman's appeal to have her social care reinstated.

Philippa Willitts // 17 February 2012

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Obligatory X Factor post

This year is the first time I’ve been sucked into The X Factor, and I’m going to come right out and admit it’s because I think Tulisa is, in the...

Laura // 9 October 2011

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Weekly round-up and open thread

Welcome to the somewhat delayed weekly round-up and open thread (remind me not to attempt hideously difficult translations about tractor engines on a Monday afternoon!). Enjoy… Disclaimer: The weekly round-up...

Laura // 27 September 2011

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1 in 6 women would rather be blind than fat – so?

Philippa looks at the outrage expressed about a survey which showed that 1 in 6 women would rather be blind than obese, from a disability perspective.

Philippa Willitts // 6 May 2011

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Intrusive Questions

Philippa talks about inappropriate questions regarding her body and disability from strangers.

Philippa Willitts // 17 August 2010

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Being Fat

Philippa talks about how being fat is fine. Really fine.

Philippa Willitts // 10 August 2010

Categories: Blog

Call for Submissions for a Fat Studies Anthology

A call for submissions for a Fat Studies anthology

Philippa Willitts // 30 June 2010

Categories: Blog

Resolve Not to Resolve

Philippa writes about girlcotting diets as new years resolutions.

Philippa Willitts // 1 January 2010

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Subvertising on Facebook!

Today, I belatedly discovered an interesting project that my Facebook friend Corinna posted a link to a couple of days ago. Basically, Teresa of got so sick of complaining...

Holly Combe // 16 July 2008

Categories: Blog

Now Magazine’s BMI Blunder

For an example of how reports about celebrity weight loss can get the whole weight debate completely out of proportion, take a look at Now Magazine’s interview with Natalie Cassidy...

Holly Combe // 14 January 2008

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