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The incredible flying women

Poppy Burton-Morgan considers the powerful messages about gender and bodies that can be conveyed by circus

Poppy Burton-Morgan // 14 March 2018

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

I wore men’s clothes for a month – and it changed my life

Motivated by Octieber and determined to combat the world of gendered clothing, Lucy Rycroft-Smith tries menswear for a month and documents her findings

Lucy Rycroft-Smith // 7 January 2017

Categories: Fashion and Image, Features

It’s the pits – belly dancing and femininity

D.T. Dragon would rather not belly dance than change their appearance to suit norms of femininity

D. T. Dragon // 15 September 2014

Categories: Blog

The silent strong woman

Nayla Ziadeh argues that the fetishisation of exceptional female achievement encourages the systems of oppression which manifest the need for this super human resilience

Nayla Ziadeh // 12 May 2014

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Stereotypes

New review: Millionaire Matchmaker

What retrogressive messages does the formula of this sexist dating show put out to the modern woman? Laura Clancy watches and finds it’s as if feminism never happened. I have...

Holly Combe // 7 August 2013

Categories: Blog

The Millionaire Matchmaker: the unravelling of feminism?

What retrogressive messages does the formula of this sexist dating show put out to the modern woman? Laura Clancy watches and finds it's as if feminism never happened

Laura Clancy //

Categories: Reviews, Television

Song of the day: Kenneth Higney – Can’t Love That Woman

Kenneth Higney's rant over a woman who fails to meet his expectations of femininity is an unintentional feminist anthem

Holly Combe // 16 August 2012

Categories: Blog

Song of the day: The Free Design – Girls Alone

Spooky 1960s baroque pop with a cryptic (feminist?) message about girlhood and fear

Holly Combe // 7 August 2012

Categories: Blog

What has my make-up got to do with you?

Levi Grayshon argues that we need to stop judging women by their appearance.

Guest Blogger // 12 June 2012

Categories: Blog

The homemaker or the sex doll; take your pick

Rhianna Goozee considers the underrepresention of different roles for women in mainstream media and the general lack of choice young girls have today when it comes to potential role models

Guest Blogger // 15 April 2012

Categories: Blog

My experiences of commercial clubbing and hyper-femininity

I’ve come to find that the culture of mainstream clubbing (by mainstream I refer to clubs that plays mainly chart music and RnB with a bit of club classics, serving...

J Matthews // 7 April 2012

Categories: Blog

World Femininity Day – are you serious?

Some bright sparks have decided that 24 June is World Femininity Day, which they explain like this: To acknowledge and celebrate femininity by women, for women, for humanity. We believe...

Jess McCabe // 21 June 2011

Categories: Blog

No mind untouched

The kyriarchy leaves no mind untainted. If we examine our minds, our attitudes, we will all find biases, prejudices, stereotypes, stigmas, even self-hatred that is all coming from the oppression that we have been surrounded by from the moment our lives dawned on this world. So what does that mean for us? On the one hand, it means that everyone interested in the cause of abolishing oppression can do a massive thing; challenge their own bias and oppressive ideas. That's hard, but it's also wonderful. It doesn't require grand gestures, or publicity - just introspection, humility and a willingness to apologise for and learn from our mistakes. On the other hand, it complicates everything massively. Most people we interact with day-to-day don't try to challenge their oppressive attitudes, and the old proverb about leading a horse to water holds firm.

JKBC // 21 March 2011

Categories: Blog

Newsflash: Violence is not Ladylike

I expect you’ll already be aware that the attack on Danielle Lloyd in a nightclub last week prompted the usual predictable response from the Daily Mail about Bad Women. (I...

Holly Combe // 1 June 2009

Categories: Blog

Women: Oh! We are Awful!

We’ve heard it all before. A celebrity laments that, contrary to apparently popular opinion, women are actually incredibly horrid and the idea of “sisterhood” is a myth. The media then...

Holly Combe // 9 April 2009

Categories: Blog

And Now for Something Really Annoying…

No-Follow tags at the ready! If you fancy reading a real howler, check out this prime piece of retrogressive poppycock from the Daily Mail that I discovered through Polly Styrene’s...

Holly Combe // 29 July 2008

Categories: Blog

Gok Wan: Not so Nice After all?

I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about Gok Wan (i.e he’s very charming, I want to like him but often find him patronising etc etc) so the latest news that...

Holly Combe // 10 April 2008

Categories: Blog

Racist Perceptions of “Femininity”

There’s an interesting post by Tami over at Racialicious (originally from her own blog “What Tami Said”) about her experience of white male colleagues at work treating her as somehow...

Holly Combe // 16 February 2008

Categories: Blog

Failed Femmes: Pity and Scorn in the Daily Mail Part 2

As well as trumpeting the plight of the Unwell Lady, the Daily Mail has also been busy scorning the Brazen Hussies. This piece treats us to lots of photos of...

Holly Combe // 6 November 2007

Categories: Blog

Failed Femmes: Pity and Scorn in the Daily Mail Part 1

I realise I’m probably rising to the bait here but, as ever, it seems the Daily Mail is on a crusade to keep the ladies under control and help the...

Holly Combe //

Categories: Blog

Ubisoft Game Excludes Boys (and Nauseates Feminists)

Girl in the Machine has an excellent post about Ubisoft’s forthcoming release of a series of games “for girls ages 6 to 14 years old” in October 2007. We’re told...

Holly Combe // 14 August 2007

Categories: Blog

Girls and Boys or "Guys"?

There’s an interesting article from Heather Gehlert on Alternet about the generic use of the word “guys” in relation to groups with both genders in. She considers her Dad’s critical...

Holly Combe // 1 March 2007

Categories: Blog

Mini Skirts in the Workplace?

According to Conservative mayor, Gabor Mitynan, it’s a “yes,” but the condition attached is that you must have “perfect” legs. Mitynan, who runs a wealthy district of Budapest in Hungary,...

Holly Combe // 30 September 2005

Categories: Blog

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