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There’s nothing ‘broken’ about not being interested in sex

The pressure to perform and enjoy sex a certain way can make some women feel they’re ‘broken’ for not doing it ‘right’, writes Fran Bushe

Guest Blogger // 12 February 2018

Categories: Blog

Why I wrote a comedy about my eating disorder

A look at how Nutritiously Nicola, Natalie Bray's semi-autobiographical webseries, helped her cope with an eating disorder

Natalie Bray // 1 August 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Culture and Media, Features

Not laughing

Lissy Lovett is dismayed again at the lack of representation of the female comedians at Edinburgh Fringe

Lissy Lovett // 28 August 2015

Categories: Blog

Peverted in Soho

Ettie Bailey-King enjoys Perverts: a joyful hybrid of music hall, freakshow Victoriana, stand-up and musical comedy that’s even better than the sum of its parts

Ettie Bailey-King // 24 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

The second EdFringe 2015 comedy digest

Lissy Lovett and Megan Stodel’s last report from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe

Lissy Lovett // 18 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

The first EdFringe 2015 comedy digest

Lissy Lovett and Megan Stodel check out some of the women telling jokes at the Edinburgh Fringe this year

Lissy Lovett // 15 August 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Bloody funny

Susan Harrison considers the longstanding comedy myth that female comedians make loads of jokes about periods

Susan Harrison // 12 August 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

Badass and disinclined to diet

Megan Stodel leaves Luisa Omielan’s stand-up show feeling inspired despite the occasional misstep

Megan Stodel // 29 July 2015

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Opportunity to Buy Tickets for Feminist Comedy on 10 October

Kate Smurthwaite has details on her blog about the feminist cabaret show being held at the Comedy Pub in London on 10 October, after the Feminism in London Conference: It’s...

Holly Combe // 24 September 2009

Categories: Blog

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