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The F-Word stage blog: May 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in May (just!)

Lissy Lovett // 31 May 2018

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Edinburgh Festival Fringe: part two

Here are The F-Word’s second set of reviews of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe covering comedy and theatre

Various Authors // 15 August 2017

Categories: Comedy, Reviews, Theatre

The F-Word stage blog: January 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in January

Lissy Lovett // 29 January 2017

Categories: Blog

The rise and fall of the Lingerie Football League

February's guest blogger Helen Reid interviews the founder of the Lingerie Football League and the instigator of the petition against it, considering how the League may be damaging to women's representation in the beautiful game

Helen Reid // 27 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Weekly round-up and open thread

Hello and welcome to the weekly round-up and open thread! Below are some recent news stories that caught the attention of The F Word Collective this week (linking does not imply endorsement or agreement). Please note that these links range from "ooh yay!" to "very interesting" to *headdesk, to rage-enducing, and some articles may be triggering. Want to discuss these topics or add your own? Please comment below!

Chella Quint // 24 June 2014

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Is football institutionally sexist? Premier League emails suggest so

It will have come as little surprise to anyone with a passing interest in football that Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore’s work emails referred to women as “gash” and...

Carrie Dunn // 11 May 2014

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Fireworks and a festival of women’s football at the Continental Cup final

It was an overcast evening at the Hive in Edgware, with rain in the air, and a rather smaller Girls’ Football Festival outside than spectators enjoyed last year across north...

Carrie Dunn // 5 October 2013

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UEFA Champions League trophy handover: where are the women?

Last week, I was really excited to be invited to the trophy handover for this season’s Champions League competitions, the biggest European football club tournament – basically the winners from...

Carrie Dunn // 28 April 2013

Categories: Blog

Why Margaret isn’t “a football person”

Yesterday, Martin O’Neill, the manager of Sunderland AFC, lost his job. The Sun’s Steve Brenner, formerly the newspaper’s north-east football correspondent, commented in a tweet that has since been deleted:...

Carrie Dunn // 31 March 2013

Categories: Blog

International Women’s Day: in praise of Lily Parr

As it’s International Women’s Day, salute Lily Parr – the woman with a kick like a mule, a chain-smoking habit, and as many career goals as Pele… It’s not unusual...

Carrie Dunn // 8 March 2013

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Continental Cup Final: women’s game celebrated with a festival of football

It’s a damp, muzzy autumn evening in North London, and yet the shouts of children playing football in the park can be heard from a mile off. Once you get...

Carrie Dunn // 11 October 2012

Categories: Blog

Women’s football: a kick in the teeth?

The Women's World Cup is well underway, but the game is languishing for lack of support, argues Joanne Fradley

Joanne Fradley // 6 July 2011

Categories: Culture and Media, Work and Play

Media hypocrisy over sexist football jibes

Guest post by Matt Hill, who thinks men can – and should – be feminists too. He helps edit the politics and music website Green Wedge, and writes for various...

Guest Blogger // 28 January 2011

Categories: Blog

Stamping on the Chosen Few: Township Soccer in London.

Sport is continuously being assigned to a non-political space but no-one lives in a bubble - sports people or LGBTI people . The arrival in London of the Chosen Few (CF), a team of young out Black lesbians from the township of Soweto coming to play in the London 2008 IGLFA World Championships tournament, which is overwhelmingly dominated by white gay men, is very much a political event. An event in which the only other three lesbian teams have a total of three Black players, and where the CF are stomped and fouled upon with some outrageously poor and unprofessional refereeing.

sokari // 1 September 2008

Categories: Blog

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