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Working at Sports Direct

A sixth form student who works at Sports Direct reflects on her concerns about gendered tasks where she works in light of the news around its troubling working conditions for some employees

KS5 PolSoc // 9 June 2016

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On mothers-in-law

I came to the prospect of having a mother-in-law with some trepidation. At a point in my life when I was bruised and weary, I expected my then-boyfriend's mother to disapprove of me on sight. When that didn't happen, I waited for it to occur. By the time I realised we were going to be okay, we had become family.

D H Kelly // 1 November 2013

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Sexism and semantics

Lorna Neville shares the results of her analysis of gendered and sexist language in The Independent newspaper throughout September

Guest Blogger // 28 October 2013

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Outdoor pursuits: not for women?

Connie Cramp wonders why a top UK outdoor equipment retailer provides so poorly for female customers when there are so many examples of passionate women excelling at outdoor pursuits

Guest Blogger // 29 July 2013

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Proud to be a nerd

Are you a nerd with a passion you'd like to share?! Suzi Price of Nerd Nite London wants to hear from you...

Guest Blogger // 12 July 2013

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Pinterest and anti-blonde sentiment

J Whitehead explores the "dumb" blonde stereotype, which reared its head on some t-shirts she found on Pinterest

Joanna Whitehead // 21 May 2013

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The ‘bridezilla’ television trope and the traditional wedding norm

Marriage equality might be on the way but it seems the fripperies and rituals of the traditional wedding are still coveted as the superior choice. Olivia Rudgard looks at the role of the TV show 'Bridezilla' in all this and asks, what about wedding equality?

Guest Blogger // 18 April 2013

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Call for television reviewers

Would you like to write TV reviews for The F-Word? Find out more here!

Holly Combe // 17 April 2013

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Science toys: just for boys?

Tricia Lowther explores the phenomenon and the effects of gender-targeted toy selling

Guest Blogger // 25 February 2013

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Where are all the girls in white coats?

Guest blogger V. S. Wells looks at sexism and the nature versus nurture debate in the context of women's under-representation in science

Guest Blogger // 21 January 2013

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Laura argues that an intersectional approach to activism and respect for other women are essential to solidarity in the face of government attacks on women

Laura // 10 January 2013

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Young women, sexuality, and the internet: why are we surprised that it has all gone tits-up?

Helena Horton argues that girls and young women are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to sexuality

Guest Blogger // 6 January 2013

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The perfect gift?

January guest blogger Rachel considers the way lingerie is marketed as the perfect gift for women

Rachel Munford // 3 January 2013

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Science: it’s always been a girl thing

Luzia Troebinger discusses her experiences of sexism as an engineer and argues that we need to create a better working environment in the fields of science and engineering to encourage more women to enter these professions

Guest Blogger // 8 November 2012

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A coat of one’s own? Compulsory heterosexuality on the high street

Ellie Gore explores heterosexism and gender in high street fashion

Guest Blogger // 2 November 2012

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Song of the day: India Arie – Video

"Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don't"

Holly Combe // 12 September 2012

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“She doesn’t look like a woman”

According to a Guardian interview, Laura Jane Grace of punk band Against Me! doesn't look "like a woman". Laura asks what this even means...

Laura // 24 July 2012

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Girls and boys think beyond their toys

Last December, Dr Laura Nelson successfully campaigned for Hamleys toyshop to remove its gender-specific signs. This year she teamed up with a teacher to set up a novel gender stereotype-busting programme, and reports on the progress so far.

Guest Blogger // 5 July 2012

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It’s your fault he cheated

Elin and Hennie Weiss are unimpressed with the sexist relationship advice from a US "bad boy".

Guest Blogger // 13 June 2012

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Gendered assumptions in daily life

A guest blog by Hennie Weiss & Elin Weiss, looking at the daily interactions in which gender role stereotypes and "typical" gender behaviours are manifested.

Guest Blogger // 19 May 2012

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Putting mothers in their place

Guest blogger Elizabeth Howard explains why the cultural expectation that women should be predominantly responsible for childcare is so damaging.

Guest Blogger // 26 April 2012

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The commercialisation of pregnancy

Yasmin discusses the pressure on pregnant women to buy into capitalist models of beauty, well-being and childcare.

Guest Blogger // 17 April 2012

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What Samantha Brick should have written

Guest blogger Louise McCudden argues that feminists need to address the issue of female sexual jealousy.

Guest Blogger // 4 April 2012

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Ask A Feminist #1: My friends don’t get it

In our first Ask A Feminist feature, a “spectacularly frustrated” feminist reader is looking for ways to convince her friends that feminism is still relevant… Dear Laura, I’m a feminist,...

Laura // 11 January 2012

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All I want for Christmas is… presents that aren’t bloody pink

This is a guest post by Helen Lewis-Hasteley The rigid gender division of toys is a problem for both boys and girls Many things terrify me about having children –...

Guest Blogger // 22 December 2011

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