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The F-Word August music playlist

The F-Word playlist returns in fierce mood this August

Cazz Blase // 25 August 2017

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February 2015 playlist

February 2015 playlist - LGBT history month special!

Joanna Whitehead // 22 February 2015

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I’m a Celebrity… give me a break!

Lucy Drewery asks why mocking a person's appearance is still just seen as 'banter'

Guest Blogger // 20 November 2014

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Song of the day: Gossip – Standing in the Way of Control

There is more to this song than lending itself well to scenes of partying, hedonism and bear suits

Holly Combe // 8 September 2012

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New Review: Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

‘Move in the right direction’ is the second single from the new Gossip album A Joyful Noise Hayley Foster da Silva has reviewed the album and found herself listening to...

Cazz Blase // 22 June 2012

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Beth’s back! The return of the Gossip

With a new pop album produced in collaboration with hit makers Xenomania, disco punks Gossip are back. While they may have moved on from Standing in the Way of Control, Hayley Foster Da Silva discovers that the band are still very capable of making you dance, and that their new album lives up to its title A Joyful Noise

Hayley Foster da Silva //

Categories: Music, Reviews

How to Become a Scandal: Adventures in Bad Behavior

Laura Kipnis' "theory of scandal" starts an interesting conversation, says Katherine Wootton, but ignores the impact on victims to concentrate on gossip and society's response

Katherine Wootton // 11 January 2011

Categories: Books

The Feminist Case for Gossip Mags?

I’m sure we’ve all done it. We groan when we see yet another front-cover revelling in the cellulite, spots and general physical imperfections of the nation’s “favourite” celebrities. We righteously...

Holly Combe // 30 January 2008

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