Articles about 'hate speech'

Law, love and the era of the alt-right

Becky Kukla is impressed with how The Good Fight tackles issues in the current political climate

Becky Kukla // 7 June 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

The double whammy of sexism and racism

P. Kaur notices an increase in sexually explicit racist hate speech and asks whether women be sexually available to qualify for a place in the UK

Guest Blogger // 26 July 2015

Categories: Blog

A story of hate in three parts

Philippa writes about three incidences in one week where different people advocated for disabled people to be killed

Philippa Willitts // 17 May 2013

Categories: Blog

This minimally sane lunatic fights back

Philippa writes about how hurtful and insulting disablist language is, especially when used by feminists, in reaction to an article by Laurie Penny

Philippa Willitts // 29 January 2013

Categories: Blog

The Observer publishes transphobic hate speech by Julie Burchill

UPDATE 14/01/13: This statement from John Mulholland, editor of The Observer, has just been published: We have decided to withdraw from publication the Julie Burchill comment piece ‘Transsexuals should cut...

Laura // 13 January 2013

Categories: Blog

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