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Improving mental health care for women in prison

Being a feminist mental health campaigner means leaving no woman to the fringes of the system, writes Jennifer Richards

Guest Blogger // 14 September 2018

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A brief history of normalising female pain

Women’s pain being dismissed or not taken seriously is a tale as old as time, writes Helena Jackson

Guest Blogger // 7 June 2018

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My vaginismus is not for male sexual pleasure

More awareness of vaginismus as a serious medical condition is needed to challenge the idea that we’re simply women with ‘tight’ vaginas, says Vanessa de Largie

Guest Blogger // 15 April 2018

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SASS Intimate Skincare: whatever you do, don’t say “vagina”

In the first guest feature of our body image series, Jade Moulds shares her doubts about SASS Intimate Skincare and why a company that can’t say the word “vagina” shouldn’t be trusted with them

Jade Moulds // 20 September 2015

Categories: Body and Health, Features

Would Scottish independence be bad for women’s health?

Ana Hine compares women's healthcare in England and Scotland

Guest Blogger // 18 August 2013

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A battle I cannot win

Tara writes about the impact of fat shaming and discusses the intersection between feminism, fatness, diabetes and eating disorders

Tara // 27 July 2013

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“Choose Your Midwife” Protest – 25th March

Independent midwifery will essentially become illegal in October of this year, impacting on women's reproductive freedom. Amity Reed explains what you can do to stop this happening

Amity Reed // 19 March 2013

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NHS consultation on trans related healthcare proposals

The NHS has announced a consultation and online survey in connection with its draft proposals for trans related healthcare.

Helen G // 10 January 2013

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#TransDocFail: the trans community rises

Content note: This piece begins with a strong reference to self harm. Selective concern by the press and medical establishment - targeting one doctor while ignoring decades of everyday abuse and neglect from hundreds of NHS professionals - has led to great anger and unity. Jane Fae explains why in this guest post

Jane Fae // 9 January 2013

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Women can’t win: Mental health in crisis

Philippa talks about the appalling state of mental health provision for women in crisis, after reading a psychiatrist's recommendation that women of childbearing age go untreated.

Philippa Willitts // 25 October 2012

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Two-tier? Too right

A guest post from Chrissy D looking at the arguably already two-tiered system of antenatal provision for mothers-to-be that currently exists in the UK

Guest Blogger // 3 January 2012

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