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“Our mission is to promote and develop African and Caribbean creative talent in its widest sense”

The F-Word interviews Anna Coombs of Tangle Theatre

Emily Holyoake // 3 March 2018

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

An upbeat, upward trajectory

The recent release of Octo Octa’s latest album 'Where Are We Going?' leaves Joanna Whitehead in no confusion that the only way is up for Maya Morrison-Bouldry

Joanna Whitehead // 14 June 2017

Categories: Features, Interviews

Fear does not need to be translated: Mattie Do in conversation

“Final Girls” Anna Bogutskaya and Olivia Howe chat to Mattie Do, first film director to ever direct a horror film in Laos, about ghosts, spirit houses and being a woman director

Various Authors // 27 December 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

“I’m so bloody glad I get to call myself a woman”

Huma Munshi talks to playwright Theresa Ikoko about her new play, Girls, and is inspired by her evident need to create a different and better world

Huma Munshi // 15 September 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

“I don’t see it as a negative thing to be a feminist”

Jo Whitehead talks folk tales and musical histories with the pioneering Eno Williams, front woman of Ibibio Sound Machine

Joanna Whitehead // 7 August 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

An interview with actor Amy Conachan: “I couldn’t be more excited to tour with Wendy Hoose again”

Lissy Lovett interviews the actor Amy Conachan about about disability, accessible theatre and Tinder

Lissy Lovett // 15 March 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

The rise and fall of the Lingerie Football League

February's guest blogger Helen Reid interviews the founder of the Lingerie Football League and the instigator of the petition against it, considering how the League may be damaging to women's representation in the beautiful game

Helen Reid // 27 February 2016

Categories: Blog

Pankhearst: pixels into knives

Andie Berryman talks to Evangeline Jennings of indie writing collective Pankhearst about the publishing process, America’s ‘war on women’ and the fury that drives her to write

Andie Berryman // 7 October 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Interviews, Politics and Current Affairs, Uncategorized

“We need to be constantly fighting. We need to be raising our voices”

Asking For It author Louise O’Neill talks to Gemma Fraser about rape culture, society’s fear of female sexuality, and how it feels to be the rising star of feminist fiction

Gemma Fraser // 9 September 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Interviews, Religion, Violence

Feminist film badass: an interview with Elisabeth Subrin

Sophie Mayer talks to Elisabeth Subrin, director of Shulie, a 1997 shot-for-shot remake of 1967 documentary about Shulamith Firestone during her time as an art student

Sophie Mayer // 29 April 2015

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

A pinch of SALT

M. Lý-Eliot interviews the editors of feminist art zine SALT, finding out their backgrounds, interests and aspirations for their project

M. Ly-Eliot // 21 August 2014

Categories: Features, Interviews

New interview: Sini Anderson on The Punk Singer

Following her review of The Punk Singer, Sophie Mayer interviewed the director, Sini Anderson, via Skype for The F-Word. I was lucky to witness another Skype interview with Anderson, on...

Ania Ostrowska // 29 May 2014

Categories: Blog

Keep making the work

Sophie Mayer chats on Skype to Sini Anderson, American director of The Punk Singer, recent documentary about Kathleen Hanna

Sophie Mayer //

Categories: Culture and Media, Features, Interviews

New review and interview: That Catherine Bennett Show

Catherine Bennett is the new superstar in town. The brainchild of Bryony Kimmings and her young niece Taylor, CB is a palaeontologist and pop star, aiming to entertain and inspire...

Megan Stodel // 3 March 2014

Categories: Blog

New review: Sandcastle

Marta Owczarek, who has been contributing to our music reviews section recently, watched Sandcastle during recent London International Film Festival and reviews it for The F-Word. Marta also got to...

Ania Ostrowska // 3 December 2013

Categories: Blog

Building castles in the sand

Marta Owczarek reviews Sandcastle by Shomshuklla and talks to the director about her film debut

Marta Owczarek //

Categories: Films, Reviews

Mariam the Believer Q&A (part two)

Mariam Wallentin discusses musical influences, political causes and creative freedom in the face of the patriarchal-capitalist music industry. This is the second and final installment of Holly's two-part Q&A with Mariam the Believer. You can read the earlier part here

Holly Combe // 5 November 2013

Categories: Blog

Mariam the Believer Q&A (part one)

Holly has a chat to singer and musician Mariam the Believer about her recent single 'Invisible Giving'

Holly Combe // 4 November 2013

Categories: Blog

New interview: Campbell X on Stud Life

Selina Robertson, film writer and festival programmer, as well as our regular contributor, caught up recently with her friend and former London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival co-programmer Campbell X....

Ania Ostrowska // 30 August 2013

Categories: Blog

Guest post: The power of protest

With a memorial planned for the 200th anniversary in August 2019, The Peterloo Massacre is an atrocity that should never be forgotten. This guest post from J. T. Rattray reflects on an edition of The Culture Show about Maxine Peake's performance of Shelley's landmark poem on Peterloo at Manchester's International Festival last month

Holly Combe // 29 August 2013

Categories: Blog

Reclaiming The F Word: an interview with Kristin Aune

A new edition of Reclaiming The F Word, by our founder Catherine Redfern and Kristin Aune, was published last month. Here, Kristin talks to Nella van den Brandt about the book's aims, what's changed for UK feminism since 2010 and her own identity as a feminist

Guest Blogger // 17 July 2013

Categories: Blog

Interview with Dee Plume!

Dee Plume and Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise mentioned plans to bring out solo records when Hayley Foster da Silva interviewed them at The Lexington last year. Following on from this, Sue released an album in August 2012, while Dee has been performing live round London and has a single out this month. This is a guest post from Hayley, featuring a quick interview with Dee

Holly Combe // 9 May 2013

Categories: Blog

How far is one mile

Sophie Mayer interviews Penny Woolcock about making her last film that documents attempts at truce by members of two warring Birmingham postcode gangs

Sophie Mayer // 4 April 2013

Categories: Films, Reviews

“But I’m having fun. I like it.”

MarinaS argues reading In Her Own Words is more than a debate of for or against sex work. She argues that we should read it because it is a captivating story of an interesting person.

Marina Strinkovsky // 22 March 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

50 years at Ovalhouse

Charlotte Rowland talks to director Deborah Bestwick and performers Rachel Mars and Nat Tarrab, exploring the 50 years of fringe theatre at Ovalhouse

Charlotte Rowland // 8 March 2013

Categories: Features, Interviews

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