Articles about 'lad culture'

The rise and rise of lad culture on campus

Chloe Price is alarmed by the increasing misogyny and sexist attitudes of male students, and calls for urgent action to make women safer at university

Guest Blogger // 24 May 2017

Categories: Blog

Hitting the ugliness jackpot

John Servante has never been happy with his appearance. Here's why that should change

Guest Blogger // 29 September 2015

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Is women’s struggle for education over?

Women appear to 'have it all' in higher education, but does numerical dominance necessarily imply that women have achieved equality? Charlotte Knight argues that the curtailment of women's voices in universities suggests not

Charlotte Knight // 26 June 2013

Categories: Education, Features

Lad culture in universities: new feature and NUS report

The National Union of Students is initiating a discussion on lad culture in higher education, an urgent issue as a new feature by a student on her experience of freshers' week confirms

Asiya Islam // 11 April 2013

Categories: Blog

Who’s to blame: sexism in universities

When Beth Saward complained of sexual harassment during freshers' week, she was held responsible for it. Here she discusses the deeply ingrained sexist culture in universities

Beth Saward // 10 April 2013

Categories: Education, Features

That’s what she said: Lad culture in universities

Through their report on lad culture in higher education, the National Union of Students is calling for action on sexism in universities. Kelley Temple discusses the extent and impact of lad culture on women students

Kelley Temple // 18 March 2013

Categories: Education, Features

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