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I believe in straight people

A study claims to prove than straight women lie about their same-sex desires, but D H Kelly argues that what people say about their own sexual orientation remains the most accurate information we have on the subject

D H Kelly // 26 August 2017

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Comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe – part one

This is our first post bringing you reviews of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We'll have a few more over the coming days. Today we begin with comedy

Various Authors // 9 August 2016

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

Writing Joan…

This week is PRIDE in Bristol - my new adopted city. To celebrate I submitted a monologue I wrote some time ago - inspired by staying at a boutique B&B in the Lancashire town of Chorley. I had chosen this place to stay at random and wasn't expecting it to be owned and run by a lesbian couple. And when I say lesbian - what I actually mean is two women in a relationship. One thing I am learning as I begin to my own and explore my 'queer' status, is that labels come with their own instructions. But I digress..

Isadora Vibes // 9 July 2014

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“Lesbian” is not a dirty word

Thé Tulloch highlights the various ways lesbophobia manifests in feminism

The Tulloch // 22 April 2013

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She Monkeys

Hailing the coming-of-age story of adolescent sexuality and fierce competition between female equestrians, Ania Ostrowska has her heart set on the youngest of three heroines

Ania Ostrowska // 13 October 2011

Categories: Films, Reviews

Heavenly Creatures

Revisiting the film she loved unconditionally as a teenager, Jess McCabe still finds its portrayal of two young perpetrators of a horrific crime highly compelling

Jess McCabe // 11 September 2011

Categories: Films, Reviews

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