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“And I can stay as long as I like, ‘cos no one’s calling me to come back inside”

Honeyblood rock Manchester

Cazz Blase // 8 January 2018

Categories: Music, Reviews

The F-Word stage blog: April 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in April

Lissy Lovett // 17 April 2017

Categories: Blog

Why a group of artists from Tbilisi had their visa applications refused

The New Collective are a group of women invited to bring their performance art to an international festival held in the UK. Megan Stodel sees a worrying sign in the refusal of their visa applications

Megan Stodel // 14 June 2015

Categories: Blog

To be a little differently

The Royal Exchange in Manchester has a strong production in Hamlet but the high point for Suzanne Duffy remains Maxine Peake's barnstorming performance as the eponymous character

Suzanne Duffy // 25 September 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The UK’s First Women in Comedy Festival Starts Tonight!

The UK's first ever Women in Comedy Festival launches tonight! Check out the festival guide for links and ticket information for all of the shows. Spread the word

Chella Quint // 1 October 2013

Categories: Blog

Guest post: The power of protest

With a memorial planned for the 200th anniversary in August 2019, The Peterloo Massacre is an atrocity that should never be forgotten. This guest post from J. T. Rattray reflects on an edition of The Culture Show about Maxine Peake's performance of Shelley's landmark poem on Peterloo at Manchester's International Festival last month

Holly Combe // 29 August 2013

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New review: Delia gets her day

Back in October, The F-Word ran a piece by Michelle Drury about the women of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. One of the women Michelle wrote about was Delia Derbyshire, who...

Cazz Blase // 25 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Delia gets her day

In January Ruth Rosselson attended a series of events held to celebrate the work of electronic composer and Radiophonic Workshopper Delia Derbyshire. She shares her experience of the Delia Derbyshire Day here

Ruth Rosselson //

Categories: Events, Films, Music, Radio, Reviews

Shrieking Violet’s Natalie Bradbury talks about Manchester and feminism

Natalie Bradbury is a journalist and writer based in Manchester. She has been writing and editing the magazine Shrieking Violet for three years. The magazine appears in paper format around...

Cazz Blase // 15 November 2012

Categories: Blog

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