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Families are not factories

My parents have been married for thirty years. I grew up in a semi-detached house in a suburb, one of three kids. The only surprise in the set-up is that...

Ray Filar // 5 December 2011

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5 Live discussion about politics, partners and CBB

Do the partners of people in politics have a responsibility not to draw too much attention to themselves? This was one of the questions in a debate I recently took...

Holly Combe // 23 August 2011

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Richard Ganly reviews a book which challenges the notion that a monogamous, heterosexual marriage is truly superior to all others

Richard Ganly // 21 August 2011

Categories: Books, Reviews

Why our partnership isn’t a marriage

It’s now just over three months until our Big Gay Wedding. Excuse me while I freak out for a minute. In fact, it’s not going to be very big (close...

Harri C. Weeks // 28 June 2011

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Fair pay for royal cleaners

I’m a bit late to this one, but PCS trade unionists protested outside Buckingham Palace the day before the royal wedding to put pressure on the royal family to pay...

Laura // 8 May 2011

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Mrs His Name

The Japanese government is facing a law suit brought by five people who claim that their constututional rights have been violated by the law forcing married couples to share the...

Laura // 12 January 2011

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Campaign against Tory plans for marriage tax break heats up

Don’t Judge My Family is campaigning against Tory plans for a marriage tax break. By profiling families which would be rejected by the Tory party as ineligible for their £5...

Jess McCabe // 28 April 2010

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Three Counties Feature on Name Change

Why does the tradition for a woman to change her name after marriage still persist? I briefly contributed to a discussion on this issue with Luke Ashmead on BBC Three...

Holly Combe // 22 July 2009

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Getting Engaged? Read These!

Anyone who’s feeling inspired to ponder the conventional rituals of marriage after reading Eleanor Turner‘s recent F-word article should check out Meghan O’Rourke and Amanda Marcotte‘s pieces on engagement rings...

Holly Combe // 12 June 2007

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