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Stop sneering at Black Friday shoppers

Joanna Whitehead is critical of sensationalist media coverage that portrays the victims of austerity as 'vulgar' or 'lesser' for participating in Black Friday spending

Joanna Whitehead // 23 November 2017

Categories: Class, Culture and Media, Features, Politics and Current Affairs, Work and Play

More on Gray, Keys and the media

At the risk of overkill on the issue of Gray and Keys’s conduct (or possibly giving the impression I care more about it than a strong minded lass apparently should),...

Holly Combe // 1 February 2011

Categories: Blog

Hakim report prompts media delight

It is hard to be shocked by misleading media reports about women. After all, it’s commonplace to see the mainstream media gleefully twisting the results of a piece of gender...

Holly Combe // 10 January 2011

Categories: Blog

Mirren berated for discussing interview

Following on from the interview with Helen Mirren in the latest issue of Bust, is this prime example of the kind of snide tone that some sections of the media...

Holly Combe // 26 September 2010

Categories: Blog

Another provocative Fay Weldon headline

According to the headline and subheading in today’s Telegraph, Fay Weldon thinks Katie Price “drinks too much and sleeps with too many people and talks about it too much for...

Holly Combe // 1 December 2009

Categories: Blog

Mothers for Women’s Lib on Press Treatment of Katie Price

You’ll probably be aware that, predictably, the apparent tide of goodwill from the press towards Katie Price (AKA Jordan) finally turned in recent months. Before her split with Peter Andre,...

Holly Combe // 15 August 2009

Categories: Blog

Newsflash: Violence is not Ladylike

I expect you’ll already be aware that the attack on Danielle Lloyd in a nightclub last week prompted the usual predictable response from the Daily Mail about Bad Women. (I...

Holly Combe // 1 June 2009

Categories: Blog

Art at the Pompidou “Frazzled by Feminism”

There’s a rather confusing write up over at the AFP correspondent news blog about the press conference announcing a major exhibition on women artists at the Pompidou museum in Paris....

Holly Combe // 14 March 2009

Categories: Blog

And Now for Something Really Annoying…

No-Follow tags at the ready! If you fancy reading a real howler, check out this prime piece of retrogressive poppycock from the Daily Mail that I discovered through Polly Styrene’s...

Holly Combe // 29 July 2008

Categories: Blog

Alert for Feminist Gamers

The online gaming magazine Thirteen 1 has launched a campaign against the bad press received by the gaming industry for its alleged negative influence on young people (scroll through to...

Holly Combe // 22 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Feminism is Dead? Nice Try Harry!

It’s time to strike an angry pose next to the mythical bra-bonfire, dear readers, because (yet again) the worn-out tableau of stinky old feminism finally crawling away under a rock...

Holly Combe // 8 February 2008

Categories: Blog

Now Magazine’s BMI Blunder

For an example of how reports about celebrity weight loss can get the whole weight debate completely out of proportion, take a look at Now Magazine’s interview with Natalie Cassidy...

Holly Combe // 14 January 2008

Categories: Blog

Lesson from on Application of Gender Stereotypes

Monster are a web-based careers service where users can upload their CVs for employers to view, browse jobs and access general careers advice. Unfortunately, it seems they also offer a...

Holly Combe // 18 December 2007

Categories: Blog

Failed Femmes: Pity and Scorn in the Daily Mail Part 2

As well as trumpeting the plight of the Unwell Lady, the Daily Mail has also been busy scorning the Brazen Hussies. This piece treats us to lots of photos of...

Holly Combe // 6 November 2007

Categories: Blog

Another "Light Hearted" Celebration of Gender Stereotypes

Researchers at the University of Arizona have indicated that women do not talk more than men. As one of the researchers states, the notion that women are the chatty ones...

Holly Combe // 10 July 2007

Categories: Blog

Different Sized Women Can be Friends? Unthinkable!

Yes, it seems the Mirror found the sight of Beth Ditto and Kate Moss leaving a club in Los Angeles together shocking enough to be worthy of the scathing headline...

Holly Combe // 26 May 2007

Categories: Blog

More on Full Fat and Fertility

Abby recently posted here about the Times article on a discovery that low-fat milk and yoghurt might precipitate female infertility. While I very much agree with Abby that encouragement for...

Holly Combe // 1 March 2007

Categories: Blog

Celebrity Big Brother Pantomime Continues

Celebrity Big Brother 2007 is still dominating the newstands. Personally, I’m still recovering from the disbelief at Gordon Brown glibly telling us, during the Shilpa vs Jade eviction, that “a...

Holly Combe // 4 February 2007

Categories: Blog

"Equality Kills Feminism"

There have been at least three recent articles in The Guardian commenting on Alison Wolf’s Prospect article about the supposed downside of women’s freedom. We have apparently reached the end...

Holly Combe // 30 March 2006

Categories: Blog

Reproductive Rights: Women Pitched Against Each Other (Again)

Catholic Herald editor, Cristina Odone, is in the Guardian today, reminding us that not all anti-abortion activists are violent “freaks or fanatics” fired by religious zeal. In fact, she points...

Holly Combe // 29 March 2006

Categories: Blog

More Praise for Macho Man

Yet again, The Times has been bemoaning the apparent decline of traditional manhood. Nirpal Dhaliwal thinks the ascent of the alpha female has led to the rise of the omega...

Holly Combe // 26 March 2006

Categories: Blog

The Machismo Advocates are at it Again

There’s an interesting article by Harry Mount, in Friday’s Telegraph, about a forthcoming book on the future of men in society. However, despite the synopsis of the book sounding promisingly...

Holly Combe // 14 August 2005

Categories: Blog

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