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Women can’t win: Mental health in crisis

Philippa talks about the appalling state of mental health provision for women in crisis, after reading a psychiatrist's recommendation that women of childbearing age go untreated.

Philippa Willitts // 25 October 2012

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Eating disorders and the media

Rachel Lauren Cowey argues that the real relationship between the media and eating disorders does not reflect the usual narrative of simple cause and effect

Guest Blogger // 15 August 2012

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Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?

Published 26 years later, Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal reveals the painful truth behind the fabrications Jeanette Winterson used as protection in her highly acclaimed first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. Laura Brightwell considers the importance of Winterson's revelations, particularly as a building-block to mental health

Laura Brightwell // 30 July 2012

Categories: Books, Reviews

New feature: Bipolar disorder and suicide

According to the research published in peer-reviewed journals, lifetime rates of suicide attempts among persons with bipolar disorder is 29.2%. In her candid article, Yasmin Melany shares her personal story...

Ania Ostrowska // 15 July 2012

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Bipolar disorder and suicide: a film

Yasmin Melany's very personal short film maps her own suicide attempt onto a wider landscape of the everyday struggles women living with bipolar disorder often face. Indebted to phototherapy for most of her life, she explains her project frame by frame

Yasmin Melany // 14 July 2012

Categories: Body and Health, Education

Want a divorce? You’re probably mentally ill!

Elin Weiss and Hennie Weiss dissect the sexism and disablism behind one man's attempts to change divorce law

Guest Blogger // 25 June 2012

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Calling out disablist language

Laura highlights what's wrong with some of the most frequently-used disablist language, and suggests ways to avoid using it.

Laura // 1 May 2012

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It’s World Mental Health Day, so stop stigmatising my pills.

Philippa writes about World Mental Health Day and the stigmatisation of women who take psychiatric medication

Philippa Willitts // 10 October 2011

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‘Borderline’ diagnoses

This will be the last of my posts as a guest blogger, a role I have greatly enjoyed. Many thanks to everyone who has read my posts, in particular those who took the time to leave comments and criticism from which I have learnt a lot. I wanted to take some time to write briefly about my experiences with mental health because I have found some cross-over between these experiences and my identity as both a woman and a feminist.

Tracey Plowman // 3 May 2011

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Borderline Personality Disorder – a feminist critique

Among my many diagnoses, I have what is known in the UK as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (Of The Borderline Type), known elsewhere as Borderline Personality Disorder. BPD is described...

Quinn Capes-Ivy // 11 June 2010

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Signal Boost: Feminism and Mental Health – Call for Submissions

Call for submissions for a feminist mental health anthology.

Philippa Willitts // 6 May 2010

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