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How you can drive the change you want to see in advertising imagery

Heidy Rehman encourages us to click on and purchase from a diverse range of images of women

Guest Blogger // 14 June 2017

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Is a model-free edition of Vogue simply window dressing?

It may seem a bold move, but Vogue’s seeming celebration of real women falls short of the truth, writes Sarah Jung

Guest Blogger // 9 November 2016

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Fashion Fail: New face of Miu Miu is fourteen years old.

Italian fashion label Miu Miu have recently confirmed the ‘face’ of their Autumn/Winter collection: True Grit actress, the fourteen year old Hailee Steinfeld. Fashion has never been feminism’s greatest ally, and aside from any arguments about its glorification of (often) unhealthily thin frames - what is perhaps more disturbing, is its heralding of adolescent girls as a sort of female physical perfection.

Lara Williams // 17 May 2011

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