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Introducing October’s monthly blogger

The F-Word welcomes Zamira Rahim as October's monthly guest blogger

Monica Karpinski // 5 October 2017

Categories: Blog

Introducing September’s monthly blogger

The F-Word welcomes Tilly Grove as September's monthly blogger

Monica Karpinski // 1 September 2017

Categories: Blog

Introducing August’s guest blogger

The F-Word welcomes Catherine King as this month's guest blogger

Monica Karpinski // 1 August 2017

Categories: Blog

Introducing July’s guest blogger

The F-Word welcomes Charlotte Wylie as this month's guest blogger

Monica Karpinski // 7 July 2017

Categories: Blog

Introducing May’s guest blogger

The F-Word welcomes Madeleine Pownall, our monthly guest blogger for May

Amy Grant // 30 April 2017

Categories: Blog

Introducing April’s guest blogger

The F-Word welcomes Louisa Adjoa Parker, our monthly guest blogger for April.

Monica Karpinski // 1 April 2017

Categories: Blog

Horses and headlocks

Emily Moore, our guest blogger for December, highlights how gendering sports that require similar skills can lead to them being differently valued

Emily Moore // 15 December 2016

Categories: Blog

Introducing December’s guest blogger

December's new guest blogger is Emily Moore; she introduces herself here

Megan Stodel // 1 December 2016

Categories: Blog

Navigating feminist choice

As a relatively new feminist, Jennifer Evans supports individual choice but worries about the consequences of women in the public eye being overtly sexualised

Jennifer Evans // 29 November 2016

Categories: Blog

What’s gay got to do with it?

Jennifer Evans is tired of being treated differently because she is in a relationship with a woman

Jennifer Evans // 12 November 2016

Categories: Blog

Mrs & Mrs

Our guest blogger for November, Jennifer Evans, writes about her wife, wedding and relationship

Jennifer Evans // 5 November 2016

Categories: Blog

November’s guest blogger

Introducing our guest blogger for November, Jennifer Evans

Megan Stodel // 1 November 2016

Categories: Blog

Stop sexual harassment in schools

The Women and Equalities Committee has reported alarming levels of sexual harassment in schools. Charlotte Davies calls for action

Charlotte Davies // 21 October 2016

Categories: Blog

In search of working class voices

Charlotte Davies, our guest blogger for October, asks what working class means in 2016 and considers whether mainstream feminism is inclusive enough

Charlotte Davies // 6 October 2016

Categories: Blog

Welcome to our guest blogger for October

In October, Charlotte Davies will be writing for The F-Word; here's her introduction

Megan Stodel // 1 October 2016

Categories: Blog

How parents oppress their mixed race children

Our monthly guest blogger Nicola points out that mixed race children can face oppression from their monoracial parents, who shouldn't claim expertise around being mixed race

Nicola // 20 July 2016

Categories: Blog

No more bro talk

Bro talk isn’t just a bit of fun – our guest blogger Nicola writes about how sexist and demunizing it can be

Nicola // 14 July 2016

Categories: Blog

The illusion of neutrality

Although in an ideal world, we would be able to judge situations neutrally, our guest blogger Nicola explains how often judgements are biased in the favour of oppressors

Nicola // 7 July 2016

Categories: Blog

Workplace bullying is a feminist issue

Our guest blogger for July, Nicola, writes about her experiences of workplace bullying and why it is a feminist issue

Nicola // 3 July 2016

Categories: Blog

Introducing July’s guest blogger

An introduction to our guest blogger for July, Nicola

Megan Stodel // 1 July 2016

Categories: Blog

Sexual orientation on the syllabus

Although feminism has been retained on the politics A Level syllabus, this writer thinks more needs to be done to educate students about LGBT rights

KS5 PolSoc // 24 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Looking different

After one girl realises her twin brother acts differently to her, she reflects on how standards of masculinity discourage individuality among boys

KS5 PolSoc // 16 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Growing up and manning up

A teenage boy worries about the pressures to be 'manly' and the impact that has as boys grow up

KS5 PolSoc // 5 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Appearances and bitching

Two A Level students talk about their concerns; one focuses on the need to be attractive, while the other calls for girls to stop criticising each other

KS5 PolSoc // 3 June 2016

Categories: Blog

The ungrateful feminist

Our guest blogger for May, Molly Arthurs, is frustrated by the ways in which women and non-binary people are treated when exercising their rights and making choices

Molly Arthurs // 28 May 2016

Categories: Blog

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