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Sexual orientation on the syllabus

Although feminism has been retained on the politics A Level syllabus, this writer thinks more needs to be done to educate students about LGBT rights

KS5 PolSoc // 24 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Looking different

After one girl realises her twin brother acts differently to her, she reflects on how standards of masculinity discourage individuality among boys

KS5 PolSoc // 16 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Growing up and manning up

A teenage boy worries about the pressures to be 'manly' and the impact that has as boys grow up

KS5 PolSoc // 5 June 2016

Categories: Blog

Appearances and bitching

Two A Level students talk about their concerns; one focuses on the need to be attractive, while the other calls for girls to stop criticising each other

KS5 PolSoc // 3 June 2016

Categories: Blog

The ungrateful feminist

Our guest blogger for May, Molly Arthurs, is frustrated by the ways in which women and non-binary people are treated when exercising their rights and making choices

Molly Arthurs // 28 May 2016

Categories: Blog

Five rules for allies

May guest blogger Molly Arthurs has five rules for being a better ally

Molly Arthurs // 24 May 2016

Categories: Blog

No, we can’t

Molly Arthurs, our guest blogger for May, explains why women who can’t do everything can be feminists too

Molly Arthurs // 6 May 2016

Categories: Blog

The forgotten women of history

After finding out about Jane Margaret Scott, the now largely forgotten theatre manager, writer and actor famous in her time, monthly guest blogger Emily Turner reveals some other historic women she thinks deserve more recognition

Emily Turner // 26 April 2016

Categories: Blog

Being a mother, being a feminist

Although Jane Chelliah has encountered schools of thought that don’t see motherhood as particularly feminist, she champions the importance of motherhood and calls for recognition that it can be empowering and crucial to some feminist identities

Jane Chelliah // 20 March 2016

Categories: Blog

Why I won’t pose for Playboy

Although Jane Chelliah’s daughter thinks Kim Kardashian’s revealing pictures are empowering, our guest blogger for March wonders if these are the choices the feminist movement should champion

Jane Chelliah // 13 March 2016

Categories: Blog

That white-skinned girl is my daughter

Jane Chelliah, our guest blogger for March, writes about her experience of raising a child with a different skin colour to her own

Jane Chelliah // 2 March 2016

Categories: Blog

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