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Diversity in Parliament: time for gender quotas?

The stagnation in numbers of female MPs can only be successfully addressed with legislation, argues Jackie Thomas

Guest Blogger // 17 June 2017

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Not totty

As a journalist reveals she has been subjected to sexist comments by an MP, it is clear this is indicative of a more widespread problem in parliament. Megan Stodel demands better from our representatives

Megan Stodel // 14 April 2016

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An invasion of five

Most of the media seems to think that women have taken over the cabinet in the recent reshuffle. Megan Stodel demands a recount

Megan Stodel // 21 July 2014

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Women’s rights ARE human rights – but for some, those rights are more attainable than for others

Bridget Phillipson MP travelled to Bangladesh as a supporter of One World Action’s More Women More Power campaign, which seeks to give voice to the world’s most marginalised women. You...

Guest Blogger // 10 December 2010

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Women’s representation inches up – early estimate

The number of women MPs has edged up, and women are likely to make up about 21.5% of the Commons, from 19.5% before the election, according to the Centre for...

Jess McCabe // 7 May 2010

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