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Thoughts on sex education

Guest blogger Rachel reflects on what she should have learned in sex education, from female orgasms to LGBT relationships

Rachel Munford // 12 January 2013

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Abortion changes to be snuck in without a vote

The government is seeking ways to make it more difficult for women to access an abortion without bringing the proposal to a vote in Parliament, Liberal Conspiracy reports. The Department...

Jess McCabe // 25 June 2011

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Why the Right has it wrong on the “sexualisation of children”

If the likes of Nadine “I-heart-depriving-women-of-the-right-to-determine-the-course-of-their-own-lives” Dorries and co. are to be believed, the real problem with thongs and padded bras being marketed at young girls and pop culture being...

Laura // 2 June 2011

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Adding my voice to those revictimised by Nadine Dorries.

A guest blogger writes anonymously about why Nadine Dorries' view that teaching children to say 'no' will reduce sexual abuse is so wrong.

Guest Blogger // 17 May 2011

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The problems with Nadine Dorries’s motion

As reported by Jess earlier – Nadine Dorries today proposed a motion posing the introduction of abstinence based sex education for girls only. Proposing a ten minute rule motion –...

Lara Williams // 4 May 2011

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Abstinence only sex-ed – for girls only – passes first reading

A measure to introduce mandatory abstinence only sex education – but only for girls – passed its first reading in the Commons today, 67-61. Who introduced this bill? Our friend...

Jess McCabe //

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Abortion amendments: write to your MP

Want to write to your MP about Nadine Dorries and Frank Field’s latest attempt to restrict abortion access? Abortion Rights have put together a model letter. Of course, it’s always...

Jess McCabe // 22 April 2011

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