Articles about 'Northern Ireland'

Affording abortion

The Supreme Court has ruled the people from Northern Ireland can't access abortions on the NHS in England. Megan Stodel criticises the inequality this causes

Megan Stodel // 16 June 2017

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Why we blocked Millennium Bridge

The Bridge Club, a group of activists fighting for the right to decriminalised abortion across the UK, talk about their direct action on Millennium Bridge

Guest Blogger // 20 April 2016

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Immigration is a feminist issue

July's guest blogger Milena Popova is appalled at the government's approach to immigration, believing that feminists should be vocal in opposing it

Milena Popova // 15 July 2014

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The fight for abortion rights in Northern Ireland

**See update below 25/09/11** The fight for abortion rights in Britain was recently re-ignited by the attempts of Nadine Dorries and others to strip away at women’s reproductive freedoms and...

Kellie Turtle // 23 September 2011

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