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Having compassion online will help you be a better feminist

In an age of what feels like perpetual bad news and division, better feminism relies on compassion and patience online, writes Charlotte Wylie

Guest Blogger // 12 July 2017

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Marion Bartoli faces barrage of misogynist abuse after Wimbledon win

Philippa looks at the misogynist abuse Wimbledon women's singles winner faces as men disapprove of how she looks

Philippa Willitts // 6 July 2013

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The ‘back home lot’ – looking for BME women writing online

Though the increasing concern about online misogyny is welcome, Asiya Islam feels that BME women writers are missing from the discussion. She is looking for BME women writers to share experiences

Asiya Islam // 21 February 2013

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Online bullying is out of control

Philippa highlights the cases of two women bloggers who experience extreme harassment and bullying online.

Philippa Willitts // 11 September 2012

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Spanish feminist subjected to harassment campaign

Laura reports on an online harassment campaign against Alicia Murillo, a Spanish feminist who has spearheaded a project to highlight street harassment

Laura // 9 September 2012

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Naming and shaming

Fat, Ugly or Slutty has a simple premise: it is a collection of the creepy, weird messages that (mostly) female video game players are sent by (mostly) men online. The...

Jess McCabe // 3 February 2011

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