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After Banaz Mahmod, where is the justice for victims of honour-based violence?

Five years after Banaz Mahmod's murder, it's time for the government to get serious on honour-based violence, argues Fionnuala Murphy from the Iranian and Kurdish Women's Rights Organisation

Fionnuala Murphy // 23 August 2011

Categories: Politics and Current Affairs, Violence

When we are very wrong

Philippa writes about how to react when called out on privilege.

Philippa Willitts // 15 August 2011

Categories: Blog

The tyranny of silencing

If I asked everyone here who had been called "humourless" or "too angry" when they stood up for their beliefs in equality to raise their hands, I imagine we would see a forest of hands. It's such a familiar situation - stressful, distressing, frustrating, alienating, but so common. Call out a sexist joke? Humourless. Call out racist taunts? Oversensitive. Call out cissexism? Angry over nothing.

JKBC // 28 March 2011

Categories: Blog

No mind untouched

The kyriarchy leaves no mind untainted. If we examine our minds, our attitudes, we will all find biases, prejudices, stereotypes, stigmas, even self-hatred that is all coming from the oppression that we have been surrounded by from the moment our lives dawned on this world. So what does that mean for us? On the one hand, it means that everyone interested in the cause of abolishing oppression can do a massive thing; challenge their own bias and oppressive ideas. That's hard, but it's also wonderful. It doesn't require grand gestures, or publicity - just introspection, humility and a willingness to apologise for and learn from our mistakes. On the other hand, it complicates everything massively. Most people we interact with day-to-day don't try to challenge their oppressive attitudes, and the old proverb about leading a horse to water holds firm.

JKBC // 21 March 2011

Categories: Blog

Zine on privilege launches, calls for contributions

A new zine called Dangerous Conversations is due to launch later in 2011, and thee people behind it are calling for submissions – they’re also looking for others to participate...

Jess McCabe // 9 January 2011

Categories: Blog

Oppression olympics: the privilege paradox?

We all know that, just like men, women are not all the same. We come in different shapes and sizes. We come from different backgrounds and ethnic groups. Some of...

Holly Combe // 23 August 2010

Categories: Blog

New feature: Compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian existence, 30 years later

AJ Conroy looks back at what we can learn about the need to form ties with other women from Adrienne Rich’s famous essay What is wrong with feminism? Lately it...

Jess McCabe // 16 August 2010

Categories: Blog

Murder of Prostitutes Prompts Fears for "Other" Women

There’s a particularly appalling article on the BBC news site about the recent murders of women in Ipswich. Here’s a prime quote: All five were working as prostitutes but the...

Holly Combe // 13 December 2006

Categories: Blog

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