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#PayMeToo: a movement in the making?

Tackling the gender pay gap means addressing the social taboos that prevent women from speaking openly about their salaries, writes Amy Grant

Amy Grant // 8 April 2018

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Respond to the consultation on reporting gender pay gaps

You have until 6 September to complete the government's consultation on their commitment to bringing in regulations that will lead to large businesses publishing information on pay and gender; Megan Stodel outlines the background and benefits

Megan Stodel // 16 July 2015

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Putting pressure on pays off

The days of the gender pay gap are numbered...or they would be if we could actually get some numbers. Megan Stodel calls on companies to follow through with their commitments to publicise data on pay

Megan Stodel // 16 August 2014

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Fatherhood is a feminist issue

Imagine a situation where a woman defies her husband to smuggle political dissidents out of the country, putting her own and his life at risk, but it doesn't even occur to her to ask him to share the household chores by doing a bit of washing up.

gailem // 23 August 2013

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Paid work and gender equality

There is a lot in the American press right now about women, men, paid work and gender equality in the workplace, most of which has come to my attention through...

Kendra Strauss // 1 March 2013

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Gender pay gap starts with pocket money

A Halifax survey published earlier this week revealed that boys receive more pocket money per week than girls: …on average boys are earning £6.41 a week compared to girls pocketing...

Laura // 21 August 2011

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Tories attack parental leave

The Tory government is planning to strip parental leave rights from parents who work in small businesses, reports The Telegraph. Under the proposal from Chancellor George Osbourne, businesses employing 10...

Jess McCabe // 13 March 2011

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Equal pay and the fight for equality in the workplace

Why don't more women pursue their legal right to equal pay? Michelle Gordon explains

Michelle Gordon // 9 March 2011

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New feature: Equal pay and the fight for equality in the workplace

Why don’t more women pursue their legal right to equal pay? Michelle Gordon explains The Equal Pay Act came into force in this country in 1975. This followed years of...

Jess McCabe //

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Election quick hit: check up on candidates in your constituency with Fawcett

The Fawcett Society asked prospective parliamentary candidates from up and down the country these three questions. Would they: 1. Support local and national action to tackle the gender pay gap?...

Jess McCabe // 6 May 2010

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