Articles about 'platonic friendship'

Gal pals: when queer women are ‘just friends’

Sophie Jackson chats to queer women about friendship, boundaries and the hypersexualisation of queerness

Sophie Jackson // 5 August 2017

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships, Stereotypes

BBC Three Counties Discussion on Platonic Friendship

Unfortunately, popular wisdom still seems to have it that women and men can’t be platonic friends. Society might oh-so-tolerantly let you off the hook as a so-called “exception” if you’re...

Holly Combe // 27 September 2009

Categories: Blog

Men! Don’t Expect Equality on a Thursday

There’s an article by ex-GQ sex columnist, Kate Taylor, in today’s Guardian, slating Ariel Levy for criticising women who embrace raunch culture. (I’ve not read Levy’s Female Chauvinist Pigs yet...

Holly Combe // 23 March 2006

Categories: Blog

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