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Police officer given two life sentences

A police officer in Northumbria has been given two life sentences for raping two women and targeting vulnerable women in the course of his duties, reports the Northern Echo. (Trigger...

Jess McCabe // 11 January 2011

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Don’t Be On The Giving End

Philippa writes with frustration about a new domestic violence campaign which urges people to 'not be on the receiving end' of domestic violence.

Philippa Willitts // 16 December 2010

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Home Office cuts study on how police handle rape cases

An investigation into how the police treat rape cases has been abandoned, after the Home Office withdrew funding, reports The Guardian. The review was announced in response to the John...

Jess McCabe // 17 September 2010

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Jewish/Israeli ‘rape by deception’ case: more than meets the eye

I don’ t know whether readers remember reading a month or two ago about a case in Israel where an Arab man was convicted of “rape by deception” of a...

Lynne Miles // 6 September 2010

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Rapist Urged Not to Rape

Philippa rewrites a local news article which puts the onus on women to prevent their own rapes.

Philippa Willitts // 3 July 2010

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Not Ever

Philippa posts details of Rape Crisis Scotland's first ever TV ad campaign.

Philippa Willitts // 2 July 2010

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Small Commitment for a Big Society

Philippa posts a campaign by Rape Crisis to secure sustainable funding for Rape Crisis centres across England and Wales.

Philippa Willitts // 21 June 2010

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Sign petition to drop plans to make rape defendants anonymous

If you oppose the Tory-Liberal Democrat plan to grant anonymity to defendants in rape cases, then you may want to sign this petition calling on Justice Secretary Ken Clarke to...

Jess McCabe // 1 June 2010

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Mexico’s Supreme Court upholds rape victims’ right to access morning after pill

Good news from Mexico this week – the Supreme Court has upheld the right of rape victims across the country to access the morning-after pill, according to the Latin American...

Jess McCabe // 28 May 2010

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Help women in ‘rape capital of the world’

Guest post by Tenley Peterson The crisis in DR Congo has raged for over 15 years, with citizens victimized by armed groups and their own military. This conflict has particularly...

Guest Blogger // 26 May 2010

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Anonymity for rape defendants?!

The government plans to grant defendants in rape trial anonymity, according to their coalition programme for government. Details are slight, by which I mean one line saying: We will extend...

Jess McCabe // 21 May 2010

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Stop Rape Now

In a symbolic gesture that sexual violence is unacceptable, UN is calling on people world-over to upload photos, with arms crossed, to its Stop Rape Now map. The UN campaign...

Jess McCabe // 30 April 2010

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West Yorkshire Police seek rape victims’ views

A link to a survey for people in West Yorkshire who have been raped,

Philippa Willitts // 28 April 2010

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Silence Does NOT Equal Consent

Philippa talks about consent and how women can react to sexual violence, compared to how juries and others expect us to react.

Philippa Willitts // 26 April 2010

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Theatre as a tool for survivors of sexual assault and rape?

A theatre company in Norwich has launched to work “with and for” survivors of sexual assault and rape, and their friends and families. The Theatre Empowerment Company has an under-construction...

Jess McCabe // 19 April 2010

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Ruined, Almeida Theatre, London

If you’re able to go and see Ruined, do. On until 5 June at the Almeida Theatre in London: A small mining town deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo....

Jess McCabe // 17 April 2010

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This Is Not An Invitation To Rape Me

Philippa writes about an exhibition of artwork on theme of 'This is not an invitation to rape me'.

Philippa Willitts // 19 February 2010

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Rape Victims Blamed Again

Philippa talks about victim-blaming in a neurobiology of trauma expert.

Philippa Willitts // 6 February 2010

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Woman’s credibility in rape trial “shot to pieces” due to group-sex fantasies

The BBC website has details of a rape trial at Preston Crown Court that collapsed after MSN chatlogs of the complainant’s conversations showed she was “prepared to entertain ideas of...

Holly Combe // 13 January 2010

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16 Days Against Violence Against Women

November 25th marked the beginning of this years "16 Days Against Violence Against Women". Black Women's Rape Action Project have issued a press release regarding the UK government's obligation to provide protection to women seeking asylum from rape and other forms of sexual violence.

sokari // 28 November 2008

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Rape Compensation Cut Overturned

A decision by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) to cut the compensation awarded to a woman who was raped after a night out has been overturned. Unbelievably, she had...

Holly Combe // 12 August 2008

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“Shoot lezitabane” Drag Queen, Daisy Dube

It seems it is so easy to move from name calling to drawing a gun and shooting someone simply because they are different, different sexualities, different nationalities, different races. The murder of Daisy Dube is under investigation but like so many previous murders, rapes and acts of violence, the perpetrators remain free sometimes even to taunt their victims on the street, in the corner shop, in the HIV clinics.

sokari // 12 June 2008

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Women Take Action Against Rape: Event in Bristol This Saturday

Every day, an average of 30 women contact Bristol organisations seeking help for rape/sexual abuse and, last year, there were 225 rapes and 727 other sexual assaults reported to the...

Holly Combe // 24 November 2006

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