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The F-Word stage blog: June 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in June

Lissy Lovett // 26 June 2018

Categories: Blog

Time to cut the cord with the Stone Age?

Anne Charnock speculates about the future of reproduction and what scientific advances could mean for women’s rights

Anne Charnock // 3 August 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Features

A terrifyingly tangible future

Despite some changes to her beloved novel, Becky Kukla thinks the serial adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is looking great

Becky Kukla // 13 July 2017

Categories: Reviews, Television

Bodies are not bargaining chips

Reproductive rights cannot be on the negotiating table, Zoe Russell writes, as discussions between the Conservatives and DUP continue

Zoe Russell // 11 June 2017

Categories: Blog

Keep your rosaries off our ovaries! Defending reproductive rights in Poland

Hanna Mroczek from Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Irlandia explains the current abortion law situation in Poland and talks about activism it triggered

Guest Blogger // 27 April 2016

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Mothers Against the Odds: new documentary

This is a guest post by Anne Daly, who wrote and co-produced Mothers Against The Odds (directed and co-produced by Ronan Tynan), a documentary by Esperanza Productions that can be...

Guest Blogger // 27 July 2014

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“Choose Your Midwife” Protest – 25th March

Independent midwifery will essentially become illegal in October of this year, impacting on women's reproductive freedom. Amity Reed explains what you can do to stop this happening

Amity Reed // 19 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Yes, restricting the abortion time limit IS “anti-woman”

Jo T, a London-based student and pro-choicer, critiques an article defending Jeremy Hunt's comments on the abortion time limit

Guest Blogger // 11 October 2012

Categories: Blog

On 7 billion: imagine if women could choose

So the world’s 7 billionth person was born today. Media and policy pundits have been beside themselves in the lead up to this moment, eager to say something remarkable about...

zohra // 31 October 2011

Categories: Blog

Abortion and sexuality, under attack

Anti-choice campaigners are trying to turn back the clock on abortion - and attitudes to women's sexual identity, argues Adriana Pérez

Adriana Perez // 27 October 2011

Categories: Body and Health, Feminism

It’s a child’s right to be educated, not given a morality lecture – a response to the Sex and Relationship Education Council

I grew up in the “teenage pregnancy capital of Europe”, Scarborough. When I was 13 in 1998, 55.8% of teenage girls became pregnant at some point.

Guest Blogger // 25 May 2011

Categories: Blog

Abortion: let’s get off the back foot

As Jess posted last month, Nadine Dorries and Frank Field have begun making the first attempts since the Coalition Government took office to restrict abortion access. And as Sunny Hundal...

zohra // 20 May 2011

Categories: Blog

Illusions of Care – ¿Derecho o Ficción?

Marianne Mollmann, advocacy director for the women’s rights division of Human Rights Watch, introduces the campaign group’s new report, Illusions of Care (¿Derecho o Ficción? in Spanish). She joined HRW...

Guest Blogger // 11 August 2010

Categories: Blog

Abortion Rights Public Meeting 7th October, House of Commons (please come!)

In case anyone has still missed the news – abortion rights in the UK remain under fire thanks to elements of the Human Embryology and whatnot bill. And at the...

Kate Smurthwaite // 30 September 2008

Categories: Blog

When the Personal is Sometimes Political: Abortion on Demand

I’ve been thinking about Zohra’s entry on the personal not always being political in the abortion debate but wanted to make sure we won the battle to retain the 24...

Holly Combe // 21 May 2008

Categories: Blog

Midwife Crisis: Awareness Event in Leeds on 22 May

The Independent Midwives Association (IMA) has reported that the Government is intending to pass legislation to make professional indemnity insurance (PII) a prerequisite for registration. However, there is actually no...

Holly Combe // 18 May 2007

Categories: Blog

More on Full Fat and Fertility

Abby recently posted here about the Times article on a discovery that low-fat milk and yoghurt might precipitate female infertility. While I very much agree with Abby that encouragement for...

Holly Combe // 1 March 2007

Categories: Blog

Reproductive Rights: Women Pitched Against Each Other (Again)

Catholic Herald editor, Cristina Odone, is in the Guardian today, reminding us that not all anti-abortion activists are violent “freaks or fanatics” fired by religious zeal. In fact, she points...

Holly Combe // 29 March 2006

Categories: Blog

What’s Your Pleasure?

Madeleine Bunting’s recent Guardian article, The Price of Pleasure, rightly draws attention to contraception’s failure to break the link between sex and reproduction. But is it really true that such...

Holly Combe // 18 April 2005

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