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The science of bad language

Louise Jones reviews Dr Emma Byrne’s first book Swearing is Good for You which offers a defence of swearing, backed by historical case studies and cutting-edge research

Louise Jones // 12 March 2018

Categories: Books, Reviews

Time to cut the cord with the Stone Age?

Anne Charnock speculates about the future of reproduction and what scientific advances could mean for women’s rights

Anne Charnock // 3 August 2017

Categories: Body and Health, Features

The ‘firsts’ are often hidden

Alessia Galatini is impressed with how the intersections of race and gender are explored in Hidden Figures

Alessia Galatini // 10 April 2017

Categories: Films, Reviews

Women in science and on the stage

On Ada Lovelace Day, Molly Freeman writes about the inspiration behind her new play, physicist Lise Meitner

Guest Blogger // 11 October 2016

Categories: Blog

Human behaviour

Lauren Hossack reviews Sara Pascoe’s Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body and learns about the fascinating, complicated past and present of being a woman

Lauren Hossack // 16 June 2016

Categories: Books, Comedy, Reviews

Science, stereotypes and society

Pamela Jacobsen explores stereotype threat - a phenomenon where people underperform in certain subjects when they're reminded of their gender

Pamela Jacobsen // 24 February 2016

Categories: Education, Features, Work and Play

“Calm down, dear” (and other things men said to prove that Tim Hunt isn’t sexist)

Jo Liptrott points out the irony in the Tim Hunt furore

Josephine Liptrott // 12 September 2015

Categories: Features

A very curious case

A new version of The Curious Case of Jekyll and Hyde is thought-provoking for Harriet Wailling, but its attempts to grapple with gender sometimes miss the mark

Harriet Wailling // 6 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Women on panels: where are we?

"Action needs to be taken to come to a point of critical mass where there are enough women in a particular sphere, whether in industry, media or in entertainment, so that others can envisage themselves in similar roles"

Guest Blogger // 5 October 2013

Categories: Blog

New review: Brainiac

Physics undergraduate Katie Masters looks back at noughties science show Brainiac and finds a limited and alienating portrayal of women in the programme that does nothing to help our underrepresentation...

Holly Combe // 4 September 2013

Categories: Blog

Brainiac: privilege abuse?

Physics undergraduate Katie Masters looks back at noughties science show Brainiac and finds a limited and alienating portrayal of women in the programme that does nothing to help our underrepresentation in science

Katie Masters //

Categories: Reviews, Television

Proud to be a nerd

Are you a nerd with a passion you'd like to share?! Suzi Price of Nerd Nite London wants to hear from you...

Guest Blogger // 12 July 2013

Categories: Blog

Science toys: just for boys?

Tricia Lowther explores the phenomenon and the effects of gender-targeted toy selling

Guest Blogger // 25 February 2013

Categories: Blog

Where are all the girls in white coats?

Guest blogger V. S. Wells looks at sexism and the nature versus nurture debate in the context of women's under-representation in science

Guest Blogger // 21 January 2013

Categories: Blog

Science: it’s always been a girl thing

Luzia Troebinger discusses her experiences of sexism as an engineer and argues that we need to create a better working environment in the fields of science and engineering to encourage more women to enter these professions

Guest Blogger // 8 November 2012

Categories: Blog

Women of the World, women of science

We’re all stardust. Yes, you’ve heard this before. But Jocelyn Bell Burnell explained in more depth today at the Women of the World 2012 festival at the Southbank Centre in...

Jess McCabe // 10 March 2012

Categories: Blog

Reach for the stars, girls.

Philippa talks about women in astronomy, and Marks & Spencer marketing their astronomy toys to boys only, until twitter intervened.

Philippa Willitts // 20 October 2011

Categories: Blog

Dr. Brooke Magnanti renounces feminism

Have you heard? Dr. Brooke Magnanti’s aka “Belle de Jour” had a fall out with feminism. The first sentence of her press release of her new book, Sexonomics, declares “Belle...

Josephine Tsui // 11 May 2011

Categories: Blog

How a 15-minute writing exercise closed the performance gap between men and women in a physics class

A small experiment at the University of Colorado was able to close the gap in performance between men and women taking an introduction to physics class – by means of...

Jess McCabe // 26 November 2010

Categories: Blog

New review: Blue is for boys?

Cordelia Fine unpicks the science (and pseudoscience) of sex difference in her latest book. Jessica Smith found the result a revelation As a mother of two children, I have often...

Jess McCabe // 9 November 2010

Categories: Blog

Fact is a feminist issue

One of the reasons why I started blogging was because I was sick at screaming at newspapers’ science stories. Now of course there are a lot of great bloggers and...

Naomi Mc // 9 June 2010

Categories: Blog

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