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The F-Word August music playlist

You find us in a dancing mood, gearing up for the Bank Holiday Weekend and Manchester Pride

Cazz Blase // 24 August 2018

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Beauty standards differ, but the pressure to meet them doesn’t

The ideal body type may differ across countries, but the pressure to appear a certain way affects women all the same, writes Kate Harveston

Guest Blogger // 28 June 2017

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Please stop calling your daughters ‘stupid’

Madeleine Pownall argues that we should be careful how we label our children, as words are powerful and can have a lasting impact

Guest Blogger // 20 May 2017

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Is a model-free edition of Vogue simply window dressing?

It may seem a bold move, but Vogue’s seeming celebration of real women falls short of the truth, writes Sarah Jung

Guest Blogger // 9 November 2016

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September 2015 – guest writers’ series on body image

This September on the F-Word, we've got a series of guest blogs and features on body image coming up. We'll be looking at different aspects of what has been a significant talking point in 2015 for feminism. Come and take a look over the next few weeks at what our guest writers have to say about it

Liz Smith // 5 September 2015

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Politics and personal autonomy

Political parties know that not enough women are standing in political positions. Mag the Blag wants them to ask: why not?

Mag the Blag // 27 August 2014

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I’m not scarred

The women I admired growing up were air-brushed dolls with not a hair out of place, smooth as powdered babies with creamy complexions - not a blemish or scar in sight. Scanning the plethora of magazines sitting glossy in their stands, my thirteen-year old self scoured for someone to relate to and recognise. I never did.

Guest Blogger // 2 April 2014

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It’s Kellogg’s who should be shamed, not women

Lorna Wilson on why the latest Special K advert is just more of the same capitalist shaming of women

Guest Blogger // 24 December 2013

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Most of all mi love mi browning

I often see hip hop music and rap culture talked about in ways that makes me cringe, especially in feminist circles, where the conversation is often set up in ways...

The Tulloch // 14 January 2013

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Song of the day: India Arie – Video

"Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I don't"

Holly Combe // 12 September 2012

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The impossible trend: look like Barbie

Elin Weiss & Hennie Weiss consider the trend for some younger women to make themselves look like Barbie dolls.

Guest Blogger // 18 April 2012

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