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The F-Word stage blog: September 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre this month

Lissy Lovett // 11 September 2018

Categories: Blog

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: part four

The F-Word's fourth set of reviews from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe covering comedy and theatre

Lissy Lovett // 19 August 2018

Categories: Comedy, Reviews, Theatre

Fat activism, having kids and sexual liberation

Olivia Phipps enjoys Kristine Levine’s new standup album, despite its controversial aspects

Olivia Phipps // 10 July 2018

Categories: Comedy, Reviews

What sex workers want should be a vital part of feminist politics

If sex workers support the decriminalisation of sex work, left-wing and feminist politics should, too, writes Tilly Grove

Guest Blogger // 20 September 2017

Categories: Blog

Edinburgh Festival Fringe: part six

Here are The F-Word’s sixth and final set of reviews of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe covering theatre, dance, physical theatre and circus

Various Authors // 1 September 2017

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The F-Word stage blog: January 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in January

Lissy Lovett // 29 January 2017

Categories: Blog

A voice that refuses to be silenced

Charlie Morris reviews Manuela Salvi’s controversial novel Girl Detached, and finds it to be a bold and unflinching exploration of grooming and rape culture

Charlie Morris // 8 September 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

Theatre and Dance at the Edinburgh Fringe – part one

Hot on the heels of our first set of Edinburgh Festival Fringe reviews comes our second. This post covers shows from the Theatre and Dance, Physical Theatre & Circus sections of the programme

Various Authors // 10 August 2016

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

The middle classing of prostitution: the social climb of the sex trade

Rae Story discusses the effect of the digital age on sex work and the seductive cultural appeal of prostitution becoming a middle class occupation

Rae Story // 3 April 2016

Categories: Class, Features, Sex and Relationships, Work and Play

Does anybody want to decriminalise sex workers?

In light of Irish and Scottish legislation based on the Swedish Model, which claims to decriminalise the sellers of sex, Molly Smith explains how feminist politicians and organisations aren't asking whether this goal is being met

Molly Smith // 29 March 2016

Categories: Features, Politics and Current Affairs

The first EdFringe 2015 theatre digest

From the experiences of young black women to depression in men via the armed forces and gendered toys, this is the first round-up of theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 from Megan Stodel

Megan Stodel // 14 August 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Should we decriminalise the sex industry? My heart says no but my head says otherwise

Kay Page on the current debate about the decriminalisation of sex work, and why it's not a question that can be easily answered, even for feminists

Guest Blogger // 6 August 2015

Categories: Blog

Rumpy Pumpy! misses the mark

This confused musical about sex work and the Women's Institute leaves Suzanne Duffy with more questions than it answers

Suzanne Duffy // 28 April 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

More reviews from EdFringe

We finish our theatre reviews from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 with a handful more on plays about body image, poverty and sex work

Shoshana Devora // 27 August 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

An aversion to a new version

Meshing a contemporary story of foot prostitution with a comedic retelling of the 18th century novel Fanny Hill is an interesting idea. But, concludes Alicia Rodriguez, The Fanny Hill Project v2.0 fails to convince that the two stories have that many parallels

Alicia Rodriguez // 8 May 2014

Categories: Theatre

Weekly round-up and open thread

This week's round-up of interesting and thought-provoking news and views

Laura // 20 January 2014

Categories: Blog

17 December: International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

In this specially extended blog post for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, Molly, a member of the Sex Worker Open University, argues against feminist rhetoric, campaigns and legal policies that threaten sex workers' safety worldwide

Guest Blogger // 17 December 2013

Categories: Blog

SWOU statement on the Soho raids

A press release from the Sex Worker Open University in response to Wednesday night's police raids of sex work premises

Laura // 6 December 2013

Categories: Blog

Outing, platforms, harassment and privilege

A guest post by Everyday Whorephobia about the dangers and injustice of sex workers and trans* people being outed against their will

Guest Blogger // 21 October 2013

Categories: Blog

The Second Ever Sex Worker Film Festival in London

Sex Worker Open University (SWOU) is proud to present The Second Ever Sex Worker Film Festival that will take place this Sunday in Rio Cinema in Hackney, London. I’ve chatted...

Ania Ostrowska // 15 October 2013

Categories: Blog

Why crimes against sex workers should be treated as hate crimes

Most sex workers find it difficult to report rape or violence because of the stigma associated with prostitution. Ruth Jacobs argues for a model that treats crimes against sex workers as hate crimes, a model that has been successful in increasing reporting of crimes and convictions in Merseyside

Ruth Jacobs // 19 August 2013

Categories: Activism, Features, Violence

Why this class-conscious feminist probably won’t be calling herself a socialist much more

The male Left's tendency to focus on a unifying working class struggle ignores the differing experiences of men and women, argues Elisa, particularly when it comes to sex work

Elise Haf // 28 July 2013

Categories: Blog

“But I’m having fun. I like it.”

MarinaS argues reading In Her Own Words is more than a debate of for or against sex work. She argues that we should read it because it is a captivating story of an interesting person.

Marina Strinkovsky // 22 March 2013

Categories: Books, Reviews

Sex work, trafficking and the Olympics: the case for a moratorium

Stop the Arrests Campaign, a coalition of sex worker rights activists and supporters, is calling for a moratorium on arrests, detention and deportation of sex workers in London with immediate effect until the end of the Olympic Games

Guest Blogger // 23 May 2012

Categories: Blog

Sex work and the see-saw of morality

Guest blogger Vic discusses how she forced to re-examine her feminist principles after her ex-partner revealed that he had slept with a sex worker.

Guest Blogger // 9 May 2012

Categories: Blog

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