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What sex workers want should be a vital part of feminist politics

If sex workers support the decriminalisation of sex work, left-wing and feminist politics should, too, writes Tilly Grove

Guest Blogger // 20 September 2017

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Does anybody want to decriminalise sex workers?

In light of Irish and Scottish legislation based on the Swedish Model, which claims to decriminalise the sellers of sex, Molly Smith explains how feminist politicians and organisations aren't asking whether this goal is being met

Molly Smith // 29 March 2016

Categories: Features, Politics and Current Affairs

Weekly round-up and open thread

Some important feminist-related and intersectional news/commentary this week, including Disabled People Against the Cuts' open Letter after the 8 December High Court ruling against their challenge to the closure of the Independent Living Fund

Holly Combe // 15 December 2014

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The Second Ever Sex Worker Film Festival in London

Sex Worker Open University (SWOU) is proud to present The Second Ever Sex Worker Film Festival that will take place this Sunday in Rio Cinema in Hackney, London. I’ve chatted...

Ania Ostrowska // 15 October 2013

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