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Women’s stories told for everyone

Sophie McKay reflects on the worrying lack of women’s stories in UK theatre and how a new show at the Arcola challenges the idea that women’s stories aren’t universal

Guest Blogger // 6 April 2018

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The F-Word stage blog: February 2018

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in February

Lissy Lovett // 27 February 2018

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I believe in straight people

A study claims to prove than straight women lie about their same-sex desires, but D H Kelly argues that what people say about their own sexual orientation remains the most accurate information we have on the subject

D H Kelly // 26 August 2017

Categories: Blog

The F-Word stage blog: March 2017

The F-Word's round-up of what's happening in the world of comedy and theatre in March

Lissy Lovett // 9 March 2017

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Can tech empower female sexuality?

Sex tech may threaten to enforce damaging cultures of male entitlement but is also paving way for the women’s movement, writes Monica Karpinski

Monica Karpinski // 23 December 2016

Categories: Blog

Mrs & Mrs

Our guest blogger for November, Jennifer Evans, writes about her wife, wedding and relationship

Jennifer Evans // 5 November 2016

Categories: Blog

The dark side of romance

Harriet Kilikita reviews Eimear McBride’s The Lesser Bohemians and finds it to be a complex and subversive take on a classic romance narrative

Harriet Kilikita // 26 September 2016

Categories: Books, Reviews

Being a bisexual object

On Bi Visibility Day, Zoe Russell discusses the inconsistent treatment of bisexuality within the culture of hook up sites and sex parties

Zoe Russell // 23 September 2016

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships

Unsexy women: Love, sex and marginalised bodies

In a culture which categorises some groups of women as unattractive, D H Kelly explores how this has an effect far beyond whether or not we find love or get laid

D H Kelly // 8 July 2016

Categories: Body and Health, Features, Racism, Sex and Relationships

In praise of hook up sites

Zoe Russell finds that hook up sites work perfectly for her, but worries that the stigma stops others from enjoying them

Zoe Russell // 18 May 2016

Categories: Blog

My safeword is no

Although safewords can be important, Zoe Russell wants to be sure that her partners still respond when she says no

Zoe Russell // 16 March 2016

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An interview with actor Amy Conachan: “I couldn’t be more excited to tour with Wendy Hoose again”

Lissy Lovett interviews the actor Amy Conachan about about disability, accessible theatre and Tinder

Lissy Lovett // 15 March 2016

Categories: Culture and Media, Features

Sex, all six parts

What was your first sexual experience? Kat Sadler shares her uncomfortable experiences and dishes out some sound advice

Kat Sadler // 25 January 2016

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships

Opening up and shutting down

While happy to talk about non-monogamy, there are a few things Megan Stodel is tired of hearing

Megan Stodel // 23 January 2016

Categories: Blog

The problem with Kylie Jenner’s photo shoot is not about looking sexy in a wheelchair

A photo shoot in a US magazine sparks controversy over featuring Kylie Jenner using a wheelchair. D H Kelly examines the disablism of both this image and in much of the criticism

D H Kelly // 3 December 2015

Categories: Blog

Calm down, it’s a festival of feminist theatre

Mary Paterson finds Calm Down Dear, a festival of innovative feminist performance, has a lot to say about the conventions of looking at women

Mary Paterson // 6 October 2015

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

New review: Catastrophe

Dawn Kofie finds a refreshing lack of game playing between the characters at the centre of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney’s Catastrophe Irish primary school teacher and aspiring writer Sharon...

Holly Combe // 24 February 2015

Categories: Blog

Not such a disaster after all

Dawn Kofie finds a refreshing lack of game playing between the characters at the centre of Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's Catastrophe

Dawn Kofie //

Categories: Reviews, Television

New review: Some Girls

Kate Bonynge looks at the third series of BBC3’s Some Girls, a comedy about three 18 year olds that marks a change from the male dominated programmes we’ve come to...

Holly Combe // 17 December 2014

Categories: Blog

Finally, the girls are centre stage

Kate Bonynge looks at the third series of BBC3's Some Girls, a comedy about three 18 year olds that marks a change from the male dominated programmes we've come to expect

Kate Bonynge // 16 December 2014

Categories: Reviews, Television

Sex, lies and statistics

As the Guardian publishes its British Sex Survey 2014, D H Kelly looks at some unlikely statistics and their influence on women's attitude to their own sexuality

D H Kelly // 30 September 2014

Categories: Blog

To be a little differently

The Royal Exchange in Manchester has a strong production in Hamlet but the high point for Suzanne Duffy remains Maxine Peake's barnstorming performance as the eponymous character

Suzanne Duffy // 25 September 2014

Categories: Reviews, Theatre

Let’s talk about sex

How can people be reaching 16 without getting useful and relevant sex education? Abigael Watson thinks things need to change so that teens have an understanding of sex that goes beyond the biological explanation from school and the misleading portrayal from porn

Abigael Watson // 23 August 2014

Categories: Blog

The F-Word goes to EdFringe

The F-Word is back in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival. In this post, we review shows about vaginas, Christianity, Tourette's syndrome and Greek myths

Various Authors // 13 August 2014

Categories: Theatre

Feminist porn: revolution or reinvention?

Yesterday, I read an article on feminist porn and, as a result, followed links to various websites to investigate further. What I found looked rather worthy and not much fun but is this because fundamentally feminism and porn are diametrically opposed? How can pornography be filmed and presented in a way that satisfies feminists?

Isadora Vibes // 14 July 2014

Categories: Blog

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