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Like Guitar Hero? Well you’ll just love Vagina Hero! Or not.

Dude, you know what would be, like, awesome? If there was a Guitar Hero for girls! No, not a more girl-friendly game featuring Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill or Hole, I’m talking...

Mel J // 5 August 2008

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Gender-testing for ‘suspicious-looking’ female Olympic athletes in Beijing

Women athletes who might secretly be men (or, as the Times Online charmingly phrases it, “suspicious-looking" woman athletes) will be forced to take a sex test in the Beijing Olympic Games, Olympic officials have announced.

Mel J // 29 July 2008

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Crap Word of the Week: Gastrosexual

We’ve seen the so-called metrosexuals and ubersexuals (courtesy of the trend experts) and now we have the food company PurAsia commissioning a report on the apparent “Emergence of the Gastrosexual.”...

Holly Combe // 25 July 2008

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Alert for Feminist Gamers

The online gaming magazine Thirteen 1 has launched a campaign against the bad press received by the gaming industry for its alleged negative influence on young people (scroll through to...

Holly Combe // 22 May 2008

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Gok Wan: Not so Nice After all?

I’ve always felt a bit ambivalent about Gok Wan (i.e he’s very charming, I want to like him but often find him patronising etc etc) so the latest news that...

Holly Combe // 10 April 2008

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Failed Femmes: Pity and Scorn in the Daily Mail Part 1

I realise I’m probably rising to the bait here but, as ever, it seems the Daily Mail is on a crusade to keep the ladies under control and help the...

Holly Combe // 6 November 2007

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Doing it the Traditional Way

How to Have Sex After Marriage is screened on Channel 5 on Wednesday nights and I am very much hoping that tonight’s show turns out to be more progressive than...

Holly Combe // 24 October 2007

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Girls and Boys or "Guys"?

There’s an interesting article from Heather Gehlert on Alternet about the generic use of the word “guys” in relation to groups with both genders in. She considers her Dad’s critical...

Holly Combe // 1 March 2007

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Celebrity Big Brother Pantomime Continues

Celebrity Big Brother 2007 is still dominating the newstands. Personally, I’m still recovering from the disbelief at Gordon Brown glibly telling us, during the Shilpa vs Jade eviction, that “a...

Holly Combe // 4 February 2007

Categories: Blog

Girl With One-Track Mind Exposed by Media

The writer of a book of sexual adventures (based on her blog) has had her identity revealed by the Times, just 3 days after the book’s publication. Predictably, the overall...

Holly Combe // 11 August 2006

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Mini Skirts in the Workplace?

According to Conservative mayor, Gabor Mitynan, it’s a “yes,” but the condition attached is that you must have “perfect” legs. Mitynan, who runs a wealthy district of Budapest in Hungary,...

Holly Combe // 30 September 2005

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Insights into Porn in the Guardian

Talking of sex… The Natasha Walter article about the portrayal of women in magazines like Nuts and Zoo is continuing to stimulate debate within London Third Wave. A variety of...

Holly Combe // 4 June 2005

Categories: Blog

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