Articles about 'sexual violence'

The four Rape Crisis centres in London – where they are and how to find them

All three of the extra rape crisis centres promised by Boris Johnson are now up and running. London now has four Rape Crisis centres, one each in the North, South,...

Jess McCabe // 13 December 2010

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New feature: ‘It’s not RAPE rape’

A flurry of reports on birth rape have prompted a backlash against women who use the term to describe their assault experiences. Amity Reed responds Birth rape is not rape...

Jess McCabe // 3 October 2010

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Good news: government drops plans for rape defendant anonymity

The coalition government has dropped plans to extend anonymity to rape defendants. Instead of legislation, the government is reportedly to “negotiate with the Press Complaints Commission to persuade newspapers and...

Jess McCabe // 27 July 2010

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A juror speaks

Under UK law, it is illegal for the people on a jury to ever speak about what went on in the jury room. Today’s Guardian includes a piece by one...

Jess McCabe // 1 July 2010

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Wednesday round-up

Reporting from their first Women Speak Out event in London, the discussion ranged over some interesting territory, from the impact of the recession to fear of violence against women and...

Jess McCabe // 9 June 2010

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Help women in ‘rape capital of the world’

Guest post by Tenley Peterson The crisis in DR Congo has raged for over 15 years, with citizens victimized by armed groups and their own military. This conflict has particularly...

Guest Blogger // 26 May 2010

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An alternative anti-rape ad campaign…?

A while back in comments, the notion of a feminist bus ad campaign, as an antidote to some victim-blaming ‘anti-rape’ ads by TfL. Sian of Sian and Crooked Rib has...

Jess McCabe // 5 May 2010

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Stop Rape Now

In a symbolic gesture that sexual violence is unacceptable, UN is calling on people world-over to upload photos, with arms crossed, to its Stop Rape Now map. The UN campaign...

Jess McCabe // 30 April 2010

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West Yorkshire Police seek rape victims’ views

A link to a survey for people in West Yorkshire who have been raped,

Philippa Willitts // 28 April 2010

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Theatre as a tool for survivors of sexual assault and rape?

A theatre company in Norwich has launched to work “with and for” survivors of sexual assault and rape, and their friends and families. The Theatre Empowerment Company has an under-construction...

Jess McCabe // 19 April 2010

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Ruined, Almeida Theatre, London

If you’re able to go and see Ruined, do. On until 5 June at the Almeida Theatre in London: A small mining town deep in the Democratic Republic of Congo....

Jess McCabe // 17 April 2010

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Send a card, save a life?

Guest blogger Philippa Willitts writes about the importance of the Amnesty International greetings card campaign, and gives some examples of women you can send cards to this year.

Philippa Willitts // 5 November 2009

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