Articles about 'sexualisation'

Rock-a-lie: single mums deserve better

Despite its huge popularity, Clean Bandit's 'Rockabye' sends out a troubling message to single parents and their children, argues Sally Parkin

Guest Blogger // 8 March 2017

Categories: Blog

Why feminists need to talk about the pleasures of sexuality

The lack of education on healthy, pleasurable sexuality and the growing prevalence of pornography are distorting young people's attitudes to sex, relationships and women's bodies, argues Erin Lane

Erin Lane // 28 October 2013

Categories: Features, Sex and Relationships

The individual and society in feminism

Natasha Gorbert-Hopkins considers the power of society to change individuals and individuals' power to change society, in the context of feminist theory and activism

Guest Blogger // 11 March 2013

Categories: Blog

Lucy Anne-Holmes, heroine of the No More Page 3 campaign

Lucy Holmes has been spearheading the campaign to pressurise The Sun to drop the bare boobs from its Page 3. Sarah Edmonds speaks to Lucy about her inspiration and challenges

Sarah Edmonds // 21 January 2013

Categories: Activism, Culture and Media, Features, Feminism, Interviews

Young women, sexuality, and the internet: why are we surprised that it has all gone tits-up?

Helena Horton argues that girls and young women are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to sexuality

Guest Blogger // 6 January 2013

Categories: Blog

My pregnant body: sexualisation and sanitisation

Yasmin reflects on how her pregnant body is viewed and portrayed by others.

Guest Blogger // 22 May 2012

Categories: Blog

Hot pants or hot air?

Is the 'sexualisation of young girls' really getting worse - or has it been exaggerated for the sake of shocking tabloid headlines? Ruth Whippman reports

Ruth Whippman // 26 February 2012

Categories: Culture and Media, Family

Obligatory X Factor post

This year is the first time I’ve been sucked into The X Factor, and I’m going to come right out and admit it’s because I think Tulisa is, in the...

Laura // 9 October 2011

Categories: Blog

Where Has My Little Girl Gone?

Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein questions a book which places the responsibility of counteracting the dangers of sexual imagery firmly on the shoulders of young girls and women

Alexandra Roumbas Goldstein // 9 June 2011

Categories: Books

Bailey Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood: Final report published

Via the Department for Education website: A six-month independent review into the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood, which reports today, calls on businesses and media to play their part in...

Helen G // 6 June 2011

Categories: Blog

Who’s to blame if kids “look like tramps?”

Thanks to Mel J’s post “So when will we stop pimping our kids?”. To continue on this line, I’ve just found a CNN interview of LZ Granderson responding to comments...

Josephine Tsui // 6 May 2011

Categories: Blog

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